Taking the CliftonStrengths® Assessment

There are several ways to access the CliftonStrengths® assessment. Although the questions and the results are the same, the different books tailor the application of strengths towards specific environments.

Most books contain a unique one-time use code to take the assessment which is only valid if the books are new.

StrengthsFinder® 2.0 book

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The most popular book is StrengthsFinder® 2.0 which is regularly the best seller.

It provides a brief explanation of the strengths-based approach with examples in a work setting. Each theme has a full description and suggestions for development, predominantly in the working environment.

A one-time use code is available at the back of the book.

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Living Your Strengths book

In a church context, the Living Your Strengths book ties in the CliftonStrengths themes with biblical passages and applications. It explores how our God-given talents are designed to help fulfil our calling.

It also helps to create alignment with the right people performing the right roles within the church. This in turn brings a greater sense of fulfilment.

Strengths-Based Parenting book

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When raising children we either follow the approach our parents used or we deliver a style that we would like. Strengths-Based Parenting looks at the unique characteristics of our children so we can provide the best framework to help them thrive.
Children between the ages of 10 – 14 can take the Strengths Explorer® assessment that identifies 10 general themes of talent. There is no assessment for younger children. Instead, the book explains how to recognise themes of talent through Strengths Spotting. Published in 2016, the book includes one Clifton Strengths and one Strengths Explorer assessment code.

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Teach with your Strengths book

Teach with your Strengths explores what makes great teachers and how they inspire their students, not just the good students, but also those struggling to keep up. It includes a CliftonStrengths assessment code.

Gallup Access

If you can’t wait to purchase a book, it is possible to take the assessment online and pay the $20 fee. Head over to the Gallup Access for more information.

Taking the StrengthsFinder assessment

Each question asks you to choose, on a five-point scale, which of two statements you most closely identify with. There are 177 questions and you have just 20 seconds to answer each one. If you can’t answer a question in time, focus on the next question. The point of the timer is to force you to choose an answer using instinct rather than reason. The assessment is looking for your natural, spontaneous response, not what you think you ought to do in your current situation. The more instinctively you answer the questions, the more you will relate to the results. There are no right or wrong answers, rather it’s about how honest you are with yourself.

Example question

I am known for my neatness   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   I have a good sense of humour

Even if both sentences appear to be true, you probably identify yourself or would want to be known more for one than the other. Try to avoid the middle option.

What Next?

Once you have your Top 5 themes of strength it is time to take action. Explore the benefits of coaching to accelerate yourself to the next level.

Top 5 or All 34 Themes?

There is the option to see your Top 5 themes or the full range of 34 themes. Start with your Top 5 as these are your most dominant areas of talent, the ones which will create the biggest impact. If you want to go deeper then open up all 34.

You can upgrade from the Top 5 to later reveal all 34 themes and you don’t have to retake the assessment. Speak to your coach for their advice.

Are You a Coach?

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Discover the visual tools to help bring the CliftonStrengths results to life and enhance your coaching. Create individual and team reports in an instant with Cascade strengths reports.

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