Strengths Twins

Do you have a Strengths Twin? – someone else with the same Top 5 themes as you.

Strengths twin strengthsfinder frequency same top 5 pair search find match same theme The CliftonStrengths® assessment identifies our Top 5 themes of talent, the things we naturally do well. Focusing on our best talents enables us to be more effective and lead more fulfilled lives. See the Gallup Strengths Center for additional information about the 34 themes.

The chances of two people having the same Top 5 themes in any order is 1 in 278,256. Even more incredible, two people having the same Top 5 themes in the same order is 1 in 33 million. (33,390,720)

Human nature is far more complex than the 5 words we receive from the assessment. We are all unique with our different backgrounds and life experiences. However, some people share the same Top 5 themes. We are looking for Strengths Twins, two people with the same top 5 themes in any order.

Join the many people from 45 different countries who are searching for their Strengths Twin. As more people register, the chances of finding your Strengths Twin increase. So far we have connected 37 pairs of Strengths Twins, 4 sets of Triplets and 2 groups of Quads.

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What Happens Next

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We run the process daily to identify matches for Strengths Twins then will contact you and your twin when we find a match.

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The CliftonStrengths® assessment was formally StrengthsFinder®