Strengths Twins

Imagine meeting your Strengths Twins.

Strengths Twins are two people with the same Clifton Strengths® Top 5 themes.

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The Clifton Strengths assessment, formally StrengthsFinder®, identifies our Top 5 themes of talent. These are the things we naturally do well. Focusing on our best talents enables us to be more effective and lead more fulfilled lives. See the Gallup Strengths Center for additional information about the 34 themes.

The chances of two people having the same Top 5 themes in any order is statistically 1 in 278,256. Even more incredible, two people having the same Top 5 themes in the same order is 1 in 33 million (33,390,720).

Human nature is far more complex than the 5 words we receive from the assessment. We are all unique with our different backgrounds and life experiences. However, some people share the same Top 5 themes. We are looking for Strengths Twins to deepen our understanding of our themes.

What are my Chances?

People across 59 different countries are searching for their Strengths Twin. As more register, the chances of finding your Strengths Twin increase. Currently, the chance for those registering to discover their Strengths Twin is an incredible 1 in 6.

Launched in August 2017 we are discovering twins every week. So far we have connected over 450 people;

  • 165 pairs of Strengths Twins
  • 30 sets of Triplets
  • 5 groups of Quads
  • 2 group of Quins (5)
  • 2 group of Sextuplets (6)
  • 1 group of Septuplets (7)
  • 1 group of 17 people all with the same top 5 themes.

We have also found 7 pairs of Strengths Twins with the same top 5 themes in the same order. Are these Identical Strengths Twins?

Sign up and join the party!

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What Happens Next?

After email verification, you will receive an acknowledgement of your registration. We run the process daily to identify matches for Strengths Twins then will contact you and your twin when we find a match.

Read about the milestone of connecting our 50th pair of Strengths Twins.
We would love to hear about your experience in finding your Strengths Twin. contact us via the Feedback form.

Certified Gallup Strengths Coach Richard Sterry Strengths Twins

Hear Richard Sterry talk about the Strength Twins initiative on Called To Coach.
Jump to 10 minutes into the recording.

Found my Twin at the Gallup Strengths Summit!!!

“On Wednesday morning as I was walking past one of the photo ops where one could stand in front of the backdrop that displays all 34 Strength Themes vertically, I noticed that my same Top 5 were displayed with a woman standing in front beaming for the camera. I couldn’t believe it! As she said Thank you to the photographer, I approached her and said “You’re my 1 in 275,000th! We have the same top 5!” We became fast friends of course – I lead with Connectedness, sat and enjoyed breakfast together, watched the morning “This is Me” production – sniffling of course with Empathy in Top 5, laughed at our similar behaviors and then of course went on to our first workshop of the day and we were in that together as well!

I’m curious to see if registering with Strength Twins introduces us to others! Jim Collison was tickled to meet us and told us to register… let’s see what happens!! Thank you!!”
Annalee Ash