Strengths Twins Reach 50

Celebrating 50 sets of Strengths Twins

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Searching for a Strengths Twin is a tall order when the probability is 1 in 278,000. Looking for someone who shares your same top 5 Clifton Strengths® themes can be a worldwide hunt. A free and easy matching service has recently connected 50 sets of Strengths Twins.

We each have our uniqueness and discovering your Strengths Twin enhances the experience. The complexities of humanity are far greater than 5 words. Talking to someone who shares your same top 5 themes brings a deeper understanding of how your theme combinations can work together. It can draw out fresh aspects of each theme to expand more opportunities. It can also reveal some of the struggles you may face to use your themes productively. Sharing these with someone who really understands who you are, is a unique opportunity.

Following the launch of the Strengths Twin finder in August 2017, Releasing Strengths are regularly connecting people who share the same top 5 Clifton Strengths themes. As more people register, the chances of finding a match increase. Several pairs of twins have grown into triplets, quads and we even have one set of quintuplets.

Currently, 41 pairs of Twins, 6 sets of Triplets and 2 groups of Quads and 1 set of Quints are sharing the experience. Registrations span 49 different countries with the majority in the US, followed by Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Surprisingly, one pair of Strengths Twins work for the same company and in the same office. The most common themes from those registering are Learner®, Strategic®, Relator®, Achiever®, Individualization®, Maximizer® and Input®.

Do your themes shape your career choice?

Possibly, the themes help us understand our talents and how we best do things, they do not identify which industry sector to choose. One group of Strength Quads have all applied their themes to the same career path, with roles in Learning and Development. Conversely, one pair of Strength Twins consists of an Exec PA and a golf course groundsman. They both take care and responsibility in looking after their very different subjects.

Have you discovered your Strengths Twin?

Some people want to retain their uniqueness and don’t want to find their strengths twin, which is fine. We just provide a matching service and leave you to take up the conversation as much or as little as you want. Most people like to share their similarities and differences, then leave it at that. Others have met up to get to know each other better. What is your experience? If you have a story you would like to share, please contact us.

Discover your Strengths Twin

Register at to join the search for your Strengths Twin. When we identify a match, we connect you with your Strengths Twin and you both receive a Twin Certificate. Strengths Twins is a completely free service from Releasing Strengths

Strengths Twins are two people with the same Clifton Strengths top 5 themes, in any order. The search is still on to connect identical Strengths Twins, two people with the same top 5 themes in the same order. Out of 34 possible themes and assuming a normal distribution pattern, the chances are 1 in 33 million.

The CliftonStrengths assessment formerly StrengthsFinder® reveals our innate talents and how we can best apply ourselves. More than 18 million people have taken the CliftonStrengths assessment with over 6000 people taking it every day. Why Strengths? Discover more here.

Update – April 2021

We have now matched over 800 people as the Strengths Twins database continues to grow.

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