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Strengths Connection Cascade move

As the Cascade move to Gallup Access continues, we want to update you on the transition progress. Plus we reveal our new collaborative venture to help the coaching community and explain how you can get involved.

Issue 40 – November 2022

Update on Gallup Cascade

Gallup Cascade on Access

The transition of Cascade from Releasing Strengths to Gallup is still in progress. Thank you for your patience. Meanwhile, here’s a brief summary of how you can manage your copy of Gallup Cascade – or purchase one for the first time.

Existing Cascade users

The onboarding team at Gallup are working through the list of coaches with a current Cascade license to activate your free one-year Gallup Access subscription. It’s quite a long list and they are processing several hundred each week, so it’s taking a while. The plan is to contact everyone by the end of November, so you should hear from them soon if you haven’t already. In the meantime, your existing copy of Cascade will not change. So hold tight, and carry on using your current copy.

The onboarding team will set up your Gallup Access account with the email you have used when contacting Releasing Strengths. If this is different from your email address with your Gallup Access account, you may end up with two Access accounts. Contact the Gallup Support team and they will merge the two accounts linked to your preferred email address.

Already have a Gallup Access Subscription?

Those with an existing Access subscription can download Gallup Cascade from the CliftonStrengths® Resources section or the Team tab. For help, see the article on How to download Gallup Cascade.

New to Cascade – want to get it?

Coaches wanting to benefit from the Cascade reports will need to sign up for the subscription level of Gallup Access. This is open to all coaches and organizations, trained by Gallup or someone else. Complete the form at bottom of the page about Gallup Access.

For more information about the move and how it affects you, read our article: Cascade moves to Gallup Access.

Bringing together the Strengths Community

Strengths Resources

Strengths Resources is a new venture for Releasing Strengths – and we want to work with you to make it a success.

Arriving in 2023, we’re building a toolset of Strengths-related resources to help you. It’s being designed by coaches, for coaches. So this new website will be a collection of information, networking opportunities and pointers to the best resources.

So how can you be part of this?

  • Do you manage a group in the Strengths community to support coaches? We’re looking for online and in-person groups to promote to new and experienced coaches, connecting them with a supportive network.
  • We are also looking for providers of Strengths products or services to share with the coaching community.

For more information and to find out how to contribute, head to our Strengths Resources ‘Get Involved’ page.

Strengths Philippines Conference

Richard Sterry Strengths Philippines Conference

Thank you to everyone who attended the 5th Strengths Philippines Conference in October. The well organized event engaged over 700 strengths coaches and enthusiasts in Asia and across the globe.

Thank you also to those who attended Richard’s breakout session on ‘Building your Business around your Strengths’.

The recordings of the sessions are available until the end of December 2022. More information is at Strengths Philippines Conference.

How you can keep in touch

Despite Cascade moving to Gallup Access, we’ll be continuing to connect with coaches across the globe just as much as before. Especially as part of our new Strengths Resources venture. But also because we love learning about how different coaches are using their strengths and gaining insights into how best to assist you in your work.

So please do consider scheduling a chat with Richard in his calendar – to either connect and share about your own work, or to discover more about the new Strengths Resources website and how you can be involved. He looks forward to meeting with you!

You can also sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest updates about our work.

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