Strengths Connection – Helping with the Cascade move

Strengths Connection

Now that Cascade has moved over to Gallup Access, discover how this change affects you and what you need to do.

We explain more about the move, how we’re working with Gallup to make the transition as smooth as possible, and where to get any help you need.

Plus in other news, join us at the Strengths Philippines Conference 2022 later this month and learn what’s next for Releasing Strengths.

Issue 39 – October 2022

Cascade is now on Gallup Access

Gallup Cascade on Access

Following Gallup’s acquisition, Cascade is now in its new home on Gallup Access. Anyone with an active Cascade license should have recently received an email from Austin Suellentrop at Gallup. He explains that Gallup Cascade is now available to download from the subscription levels of Gallup Access. The onboarding team will also contact those without an Access subscription to explain the next steps.

For more information about the move and how it affects you, read our recent article: Cascade moves to Gallup Access.

Stronger Together – for the Greater Good

Called To Coach Cascade move to Gallup access

Since the announcement about the acquisition of Cascade in July, we’ve been in daily communication with Gallup to deepen our collaboration. Our shared mission is to enhance the strengths movement and this opportunity continues to guide us towards the greater good of the coaching community. Close relationships are building with Gallup’s Communications and Support teams to make the transition of Cascade as smooth as possible.

To see this collaboration in action – and discover more about the move of Cascade to Gallup Access – watch the video recording of the recent Called To Coach.

Cascade Help and Support

Over many years, we have loved connecting with coaches to assist with Cascade and get to know you and your work. However, support for Cascade has now transferred to the Gallup Customer Support Team. Cascade founder, Richard, is working closely with the team, teaching them about Cascade and providing backup support where necessary.

So please do reach out to the Gallup Customer Support Team for help whenever you need to. They’re busy gearing up their resources to support Cascade, and are available on chat, email or phone.

You can also still find all our Cascade articles on the Releasing Strengths Support Hub, although these will move over to Gallup’s platform in time. Plus there’s the Cascade Facebook Group where you can ask the super-helpful Cascade Community for advice.

Strengths Philippines Conference

Strengths Philippines Conference 2022

Probably the biggest strengths conference outside of the US is held in the Philippines. Now in its 5th year, this lively conference engages coaches and strengths enthusiasts across the region and beyond.

Having attended virtually for the past two years, Cascade and Releasing Strengths founder, Richard Sterry, is one of the 15 presenters in the line-up for 2022. At his breakout session, he will talk about his business success made possible by his strengths. Other speakers include Charlotte Blair, Meryl Naisby, Jo Self and many more.

The virtual conference runs on 21-22 October 2022, costing around $14 USD for the two days. If you are in a different time zone, the recordings of the sessions will be available for those registering until the end of December 2022. More information is at Strengths Philippines Conference.

What’s Next for Releasing Strengths?

As we draw back slightly from Cascade, we’re now focusing more on the coaching community. Specifically how we can further enhance the strengths movement. Whether you’re part of an organization or running your own business, we want to identify resources that will help you develop your strengths.

Our next project is already in development to benefit the coaching community. It will be a collection of strengths resources to encourage new coaches and inspire those who are more established. Watch this space for further progress!

How to keep in touch?

We will be continuing to connect with coaches all across the globe. Because we love discovering how you are using your strengths and how we can help your work. To that end, please do consider scheduling a chat with Richard in his calendar. He looks forward to meeting with you!

You can also sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest updates about our work, including news about our projects in the pipeline to further enhance the strengths movement.

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