Cascade moving to Gallup Access

Cascade is moving to a new home

We are delighted to announce that Gallup has acquired Cascade from Releasing Strengths. Cascade is moving the Gallup Access platform. This exciting development is the culmination of a long-standing partnership between Gallup and Releasing Strengths, which has grown deeper over time. Both organizations share a similar vision to enhance the coaching community and advance the

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Jude Mackwell career coach

Coaching Celebration – Jude Mackwell

Helping clients find the zing in their career is the goal for Jude Mackwell at Zestpeople. She loves incorporating CliftonStrengths® within all the corporate and individual programmes. With a career focus, CliftonStrengths® helps unlock the clues to career engagement and develop a targeted career plan to align with career motivators, drivers, values and goals. Jude

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