Gallup Cascade on Access

Cascade moves to Gallup Access

The Cascade reports for CliftonStrengths® are moving to Gallup Access. Following the acquisition of Cascade from Releasing Strengths, Gallup is providing Cascade from their Access platform. Going forward, this will enable greater integration and better reporting for coaches and organisations. Cascade is therefore no longer available from Releasing Strengths. What is Cascade? How can I …

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Cascade moving to Gallup Access

Cascade is moving to a new home

We are delighted to announce that Gallup has acquired Cascade from Releasing Strengths to include in their Gallup Access platform. This exciting development is the culmination of a long-standing partnership between Gallup and Releasing Strengths, which has grown deeper over time. Both organizations share a similar vision to enhance the coaching community and advance the …

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Jude Mackwell career coach

Coaching Celebration – Jude Mackwell

Helping clients find the zing in their career is the goal for Jude Mackwell at Zestpeople. She loves incorporating CliftonStrengths® within all the corporate and individual programmes. With a career focus, CliftonStrengths® helps unlock the clues to career engagement and develop a targeted career plan to align with career motivators, drivers, values and goals. Jude …

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Personal strengths coaching tools

Choosing the right Strengths Coaching Tools

How do you select the right tools to use in a coaching conversation with a client? In this practical guide, we explore different situations and explain which reports you should use – and why. Working with the CliftonStrengths® themes and the Cascade Strengths reports, we’ll reveal the specific worksheets that will help you get the …

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