Coaching – How far would you go?

Why do we need a coach?
Hear how one pivotal coaching session transformed my perspective forever.

How far would you go to get a coach?

Taking the CliftonStrengths® assessment is one thing, doing something with the results is where the benefit lies. Back in 2014 I wanted to discover these benefits for myself. The five words from the assessment looked very nice, but how could I use them. There is lots of information about the talent themes online and I researched my top 5 themes of Individualization®, Learner®, Relator®, Maximizer® and Harmony®. The missing piece was how I could really use these themes in my life? How could they make a difference for me?

Many of the podcasts spoke of getting a coach and the importance of coaching. Living in the UK, searching to find a coach specialising in the CliftonStrengths (or StrengthsFinder® as it was then), revealed only two coaches in the whole of the South of England.

Setting out on a 200-mile round trip, I drove to Swindon for my first coaching session. Spending time with someone knowledgeable in each of the CliftonStrengths themes and helping me to unpack my top 5 was incredible. It gave me a completely fresh perspective of what the themes meant and how they can help me. Further coaching continues to help me get the most out of my themes and apply them practically to different situations.

The Power of a Coach

In August 2018, Becky Hammond kindly interviewed me to share my story. You can hear how coaching has transformed my life. Understanding more about my themes I can proactively use them to make a real difference.

Hear Richard’s Strengths Story on a podcast with Becky Hammond

Richard Sterry coaching strengths story power need coach
Click on the image to play the podcast

Passing it on

Following Gallup training, I studied to become a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach in 2015. It is a real privilege to help others understand more about themselves so they too can make a difference. I work with individuals, teams and leaders in a variety of business sectors and church environments.

Looking for a coach?

Talking to a coach is not a weakness, in fact, it helps you go further than you could on your own. See the Benefits of Coaching for more information.

Many of the phrases I hear after a coaching session include; ‘Having permission to be myself’ ‘Being liberated to be who I really am’ ‘Empowered to do more of the right things’. How could a coach help you right now?

To find a strengths coach in the UK or Worldwide search on the Soar coaching platform.

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