What is your Inspired Energy?

How do your Strengths give you Inspired Energy? What is the fire in your belly that drives you and how can it shape your business?

Inspired energy Richard Sterry Murray Guest

Listen to Murray Guest’s inspirational conversation with Richard Sterry.

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  • How did you pivot your business during lockdown? 05.48
  • As an established Gallup Licensed Partner, how did that happen? 12.02
  • How has Cascade developed and what impact is it having with coaches? 15.19
  • Explain how your Harmony® theme helps you with your work? 18.46
  • What is the biggest lesson have you learned from your business? 23.58
  • What are you hearing from your global coaching connections as people return back to the office? 26.52
  • How can you use your strengths in a time of change? 31.50
  • Strengths Twins – how did it start? 35.25
  • What has Strengths given you beyond your business? 39.54
  • What is your definition of Inspired Energy? 43.13
Inspired energy Murray Guest

Murray Guest, the director of Inspire My Business, a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and accredited TMP facilitator. He is passionate about people embracing and applying their strengths in all areas of their lives.

Cascade Strengths Reports

Releasing Strengths Gallup Licensed Partner
Cascade Professional strengths reports

The Cascade Strengths reports are the creation of Releasing Strengths to enhance the Gallup reports. Thousands of coaches in over 60 countries benefit from the Cascade tool to deliver Strengths coaching with CliftonStrengths®. Releasing Strengths is based in the UK and was the first Licensed Partner with Gallup for a digital product.

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