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Knowledge is power. The CliftonStrengths® assessment identifies natural talents and what we do best. How can you give your clients valuable information from the CliftonStrengths assessment to make a difference to a team?

Ken Barr Jr. describes how the Cascade strengths reports elevate his coaching and deepen the conversations. Watch the short video to hear about Ken’s experience.

Ken Barr Jr. is a Licensed Professional Counselor, career coach, and organizational consultant, living in Michigan, USA.

Catching up with Ken in Omaha, our reporter Eduardo Villavicencio captures the conversation. He asks how the Cascade reports make a difference to his coaching.

When working with teams, Ken describes the valuable information in the reports which help him bring out the best in a team. He also mentions how he identifies their motivators as a team. Often this leads to better questions to help the team progress.

He shares the best reports within Cascade which have the power to change interactions between colleagues. How they increase awareness and elevate workplace performance.

Going beyond the workplace, Ken shares one report in a family setting. It provides insights for any two people being together.

valuable information coaching workshop materials Ken Barr Jr.

Finally, Ken provides words of wisdom for those new to Cascade. How to quickly appreciate the power of the reports and the value they can bring.

Cascade was created by Releasing Strengths Ltd in the UK using the CliftonStrengths themes. Hundreds of coaches in over 40 countries across the world benefit from the Cascade strengths reports.

The reports Ken mentions in the video are;
Personal Insights
Team Summary
Bring / Need
The Power of 2

Find out more about the reports in Cascade here.

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