Collaboration of Strengths

Celebrating Two Firsts

Gallup first Cascade Releasing Strengths reports agreement collaboration UK USAReleasing Strengths is proud to announce the collaboration of a licence agreement with Gallup Inc for the Cascade strengths reports.

Reaching new heights, this is the first licence agreement from Gallup for a digital product. Other agreements are for books and items such as mugs, T-shirts and socks.  As Releasing Strengths is based in the United Kingdom, it is also the first agreement for Gallup with the UK. Throughout the process, Jessica Kennedy from Gallup Press managed the negotiations, seeing them through to completion.

Dynamic Reports and Charts

Cascade was born from humble beginnings as a means to manage the Clifton Strengths® themes for a few clients. Inspired and created by Richard Sterry, he gathered information to produce simple and informative reports for coaching. Through continual research and increasing automation, the strengths reports for individuals are very simple to produce.  Cascade is now a mature package running on Windows and Mac computers. Even those with minimal technical skills find it easy to use.

Collating information for a team, Cascade provides dynamic images of the theme distribution. The charts describe a team in a visual way, making it easy to compare the spread of themes for different teams. It just takes a few seconds to print a set of reports or name tents for a workshop.

Richard uses his experience as a Gallup Strengths Coach to reveal new insights with Cascade for coaching conversations. The worksheets are easy to print and enable clients to see their dominant themes in a new light.

“My passion is to help develop the strengths movement, enabling people to be more of themselves and to bring out their best. Sharing the Cascade tool with other strengths coaches helps them to be more effective when delivering their workshops or coaching sessions. The Licence Agreement with Gallup equips us to take Cascade to a wider audience around the world. Collaboration with the Gallup Press team helped us to overcome the additional factors with a digital product and international challenges. I am delighted to be able to make a difference to the strengths movement at a global level.”
Richard Sterry – Releasing Strengths, Surrey UK

Cascade is a Game Changer!

“Cascade has truly changed my world as a coach–this is not too strong of a statement!
From a business perspective, it has saved me countless hours of preparing reports, and instead has allowed me to focus on the data I can glean from the reports for any team or individual coaching client!
From a coaching perspective, I have received glowing reviews using Cascade as a tool to illustrate team & individual talent themes/strengths. This is without a doubt one of the best tools I have in my tool bag as a coach!”
Kathie Gautille Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Texas USA

Cascade is ideal for coaches running their own business. It is also valuable for companies who want to track the themes of their staff and run reports across teams. In addition, the Cascade strengths reports are used by coaches in education, healthcare, charities and churches. If you are working with people who have taken the Clifton Strengths assessment, Cascade can help. There are two ways to expand the standard version of Cascade. The Bonus Pack takes some reports beyond the top 5 themes and includes extra features for teams. As your business grows or you get more clients, the Go Large module increases the capacity Cascade.


Follow the links to find out more about Cascade or visit the Cascade Shop. To hear what other coaches are saying about Cascade, read their reviews.

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