Coaching with Confidence

Need the confidence to approach a new customer?

Lorraine Govender shares how the Cascade reports help her business gain new customers.

Lorraine Govender in South Africa describes how Cascade has taken her business to another level. When approaching a new client, the Cascade reports give her confidence and the edge. The customer is immediately drawn to the visualizations to better understand the team.

From the CliftonStrengths® assessment, Lorraine likes the personalisation in Cascade of the individual strengths. Cascade also shows how they come together in a team. Seeing the team holistically adds another angle to her presentations.

One feature she really likes is the Brings and Needs report. It provides a concise summary of the contributions and needs for each theme.

coaching confidence

As a certified Gallup Coach, Lorraine helps private and public organizations boost organic growth through coaching and education. Lorraine is also qualified to train Gallup’s Builder Profile as Gallup’s BP10 and the training of How Millennials Work and Live.

Thank you to Eduardo Villavicencio for asking the questions when we met in Omaha last month.

The Cascade strengths reports enhance the results from the CliftonStrengths assessment. When coaching, they provide dynamic reports for team workshops and individual sessions. Clients gain a greater understanding of their own themes and the balance of themes across the team.

Read the reviews to hear how the Cascade reports are benefiting coaches all over the world.

Discover more about Cascade here.

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