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Helping clients find the zing in their career is the goal for Jude Mackwell at Zestpeople. She loves incorporating CliftonStrengths® within all the corporate and individual programmes. With a career focus, CliftonStrengths® helps unlock the clues to career engagement and develop a targeted career plan to align with career motivators, drivers, values and goals. Jude loves the diversity of the client base across youth, career mid-lifers, Senior Leaders, teams and those preparing for their transition from career mode to retirement mode.

What are your top 5 CliftonStrengths® themes and how do they help you?

Jude’s top 5 themes give her the ability to connect with her clients and inspire their thinking. Learning how she uses each themes add depth to their meaning.

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1 Individualization® guides my coaching practice to capture the essence of each individual client and help them realise their unique potential. It contributes to every area of my practice and my colleagues describe it as my ‘super power’ given the diversity of who I work with in any given day.

2 Empathy® combines curiosity with sensitivity to strengthen the client connection. My intuition is my trusted guide in coaching conversations.

3 Achiever® brings energy and motivation to keep building a sustainable, successful coaching practice. It is constantly on the look out for where we can add value.

4 Connectedness® fuels the need to actively contribute, seeks out the learnings and grasps opportunities to encourage others with hope.

5 Strategic® taps into a toolbox of options and selects the best pathway for individual, partnership and team solutions. It also shines a big picture lens on our business.

How have you recently made a difference to a client?

Often our clients find themselves at a career crossroad, either through their own choosing or because of forces beyond their control. CliftonStrengths® helps provide the confidence needed to take the first step toward greater career engagement and fulfilment. Through drawing on our career planning expertise and tailoring the coaching, we help clients recognise and value their unique contribution and the opportunities available to invest in their talents.

The Brings & Needs report in Cascade is a true asset to this process and clients often gain more “evidence” as to why a career change is needed. It also helps to find the motivation to move toward more energizing options. Recently a client stepped up to the challenge of a courageous conversation by drawing on the insights within this report and was pleasantly surprised by the response and the line of sight options which became available. The Brings & Needs and Personal Insights reports offer excellent preparation for coaching conversations with Managers and those in our circle of influence we need as our best cheerleaders.

How do the Cascade reports assist your business and help your clients?

The Team Grid in Cascade is such a gift to working with teams. The population of the grid is easy, then it generates such insightful discussions. The My 34 Themes report is a valuable reference point for individual development. It realises opportunities for greater collaboration and strategic partnerships within teams.

More about Jude Mackwell

Living in New Zealand, Jude Mackwell is a director of Zestpeople, along with Michelle Staples. Together they have a team of coaches who help people find direction, clarity and focus in their career. You can find out more about Jude at Zestpeople or contact her on LinkedIn.

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Coaching Celebration story

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