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Jennifer McNelly is an expert at leading mission-driven organizations. As a people-driven CEO at the American Society of Safety Professionals, Jennifer leverages CliftonStrengths® from the top. Here she shares an A-Ha moment with two teams, leading to an increase in collaboration.

What are your top 5 CliftonStrengths® themes and how do they help you?

Coaching Celebration Jennifer McNelly - ASSP

Jennifer’s top 5 themes are Strategic®, Relator®, Futuristic®, Significance® and Woo®.

She writes “My CliftonStrengths® help me to see the future of work and the impacts of change on safety and our 36,000 members globally. They drive me to support the development of our team and the members we serve to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to go home at the end of the day having been safe at work.”

How have you recently made a difference with Strengths?

As a professional membership organization, we count on the collective strength of membership, volunteer leaders, future safety leaders and professional staff. To advance safety, this ecosystem must have effective communication and clarity in individual strengths and roles.

When we first deployed Cascade, we used the Team Summary report to show the collective strengths of our Board of Directors and our professional staff. Our board leads with Executing and Strategic Thinking themes. The professional staff lead with Relationship Building and Executing themes. Alone, they have gaps, when you overlay both, you have a strong and well-rounded team.

The A-HA moment came when a board member noted, “Wow, together we are complete.” Cascade makes it easy to talk about the importance of a well-rounded team. Recognizing that to lead ASSP forward, we need the strengths of both the Board and the professional staff. A review of roles and Strengths is now integrated into team and volunteer leader onboarding.

Compare Team Strengths Summary board and Staff

The Team Summary report in Cascade shows the theme distribution for a team. Compare the balance of strengths in the charts for the domains. The Board and the Staff can now draw on each others strengths to help each other.

More about Jennifer McNelly

Jennifer McNelly lives in Chicago, US and is the CEO at the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP). As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach she is passionate about developing a strengths-based approach to drive change and deliver results.
Jennifer can be contacted on LinkedIn and more information about APPS is at

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Coaching Celebration story

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