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We love to celebrate coaching successes and here is an opportunity for you to share your story.
Our mission is to Strengthen the Strengths Movement and we are looking for stories to inspire other coaches. The aim is to share how you were able to make a difference to someone’s life through your coaching, perhaps with the help of a Cascade report.

Please complete the form below so we can inspire others and shine the spotlight in your direction.

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What inspired you to become a coach and in which sectors do you enjoy coaching? How would you describe your ideal client?

Your Coaching Celebration

What was the breakthrough discovery and did any of the Cascade reports contribute to the A-Ha moment? You could describe an activity that involves a Cascade reports then share the outcomes from the activity. Sometimes the simple stories are the best. Please do not use any personal information from your client to protect their privacy.

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After submitting your form we may get in touch with you to clarify any information. We aim to share as many stories as possible, although there is no guarantee that we can publish every story. Thank you for being willing to share your experience.

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