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Helping others unlock their unique talents to make an impact in the world is the driving force for Dana Williams. Setting up her coaching practice in Dallas, Texas, Dana inspires individuals across the globe. We caught up with Dana to find out how she uses her strengths to make a difference to others.

What are your top 5 CliftonStrengths® themes and how do they help you?

Dana Williams Strengths Coach

1. Ideation® – I love to innovate and saw the need to develop a daily planning tool and so created the first Gallup Licensed daily planner – The Strengths Journal.

2. Strategic® – Thinking resource for partners and teams. I can quickly find simple paths to achieve goals and develop strategies for marketing and communications.

3. Futuristic® – What I do today affects my future. So this helps me with daily planning.

4. Maximizer® – Seeking to transform from good to great so created a bootcamp called “Transform Your Life From The Inside Out.”

5. Individualization® – I am curious about people and love using this theme to help me figure out what each person needs based on their talents.

How have you recently made a difference to a client?

Last week, one of my clients who happens to be the founder with a relatively new team asked for copies of each of the individual Personal Insight reports for those on his team so he could study each of them in a holistic way. He has been building a new team and wants to make sure he is engaging each employee based on their unique talents. 

One of his direct reports had high influencing but was not accomplishing his daily project management needs. Once he reviewed the Personal Insight Report, he realized the employee got more energy out of influencing instead of executing, so he adjusted the employee’s role to be focused more on sales and less on project management and gave another employee the project management role who was more gifted in that areas. The team now is thriving thanks to these easy one-page reports that help describe an individual and what he or she brings/needs and their contribution to the team.

How do the Cascade reports assist your business and help your clients?

All my clients love the Cascade reports. I have found the ability to quickly pull the reports together for clients and then spend time in our team sessions reviewing each of these reports has been energizing and productive. While I always use the Team Grid and the Team Summary reports in my team sessions with clients, I have also found the Personal Insight Report is so helpful not only for the individual on the team but for the client to share with their team mates.

More about Dana Williams

Following 25 years at Southwest Airlines, Dana’s now runs her coaching business Dana Williams Consulting. She has created The Strengths Journal to help people live their Strengths every day and is a Gallup Licensed Partner. You can often find Dana at Clubhouse and on LinkedIn.

Coaching Celebration – What’s your Story?

Coaching Celebration story

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