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New Features for Cascade 2.0r04

Here we describe the new features for the Cascade Strengths reports, version 2.0r04. Released in September 2019.

The main feature for this release are;

  • Import Themes from Gallup Access.
  • Get the latest version of Cascade with your personal Download button.
  • More Power with the Power of 2 report.
  • Technical preparations for the Language Packs.
  • Minor tweaks and adjustments.

Before you Start

Firstly, download the latest version of Cascade and save it to your computer.

We are sending out emails containing your download link, or you can use the link from a previous email. Please contact us mentioning your License Number (C . . . . . ) if you need help with the link.

Copy Across your Client Themes

Head to the Theme Table and click on the Import Themes button. Select your previous version of Cascade and it will pull across the themes.

New Features – Version 2.0r04

Import Themes from Gallup Access

Gallup is transferring all CliftonStrengths® assessment codes from the Gallup Strengths Center to Gallup Access on September 23rd 2019. Fortunately, there will now be an export feature in Access to extract the themes for each person.

import gallup access themes

The layout of the Access export file is slightly different from the other portals, it does not include the Date column. The Import Themes process in Cascade can now identify this layout and pull in the themes to the Theme Table.

Find out how to use the Import Themes button in the Support Article.

Get the Latest Version of Cascade

To simplify the process of updating to the latest version of Cascade, there is now a button to help. Head to the Modules part of the Menu. Click on the Download button and it will pull down your latest version of Cascade.

new features Update Cascade to latest version

More information is available in the Support Article.

You can then use the Import Themes button to easily transfer your client’s themes across to the new version.

We will update you via the Cascade Connection newsletter about any new features, so you can download the latest version.

More Power with The Power of 2

The Power of 2 worksheet helps two people understand each other better through their themes. Whether it is two people wanting to form a powerful partnership, or trying to overcome some frustrations. The worksheet opens up these conversations.

Previously, next to the theme names, the worksheet showed the theme description. Now, there is the option to choose alternative words alongside the theme names, these include;

  • Short Description
  • Descriptive words
  • The Role I Play
  • I Bring and I Need
Cascade Power of 2 partnership
Power of 2 screen – The drop-down list in the top right corner, set the text options.

The Descriptive words and the Role I Play are from Gallup’s Theme Dynamics cards. The I Bring and I Need statements are from Gallup’s Theme Insights cards. They are reproduced with permission from Gallup under our License Agreement.

Preparations for the Language Packs

We will shortly release the Cascade reports in languages beyond English. Starting with French and Spanish, we will then move on to German. There are no plans at this time to include other languages.

In preparation for the alternative languages, various technical changes have taken place behind the scenes. The only visible differences at this stage are in the Settings and Modules sections from the Menu.

We will let you know when the Language Packs are ready via the Cascade Connection newsletter.

Minor New Features and Tweaks

Without wanting to overload you with too much detail, here are the other changes for this version of Cascade.

  • There is now an option in the Import Themes process where it does not to check for duplicate names. This speeds up the time to import large numbers of clients or staff into the Theme Table.
  • We have restructured the data within Cascade to provide slight performance improvements. This will help those using Macs where some of the buttons were slow to refresh.
  • The Welcome page has a button to check that the version of Excel is 2016 or above. Cascade does not function well on the earlier versions of Excel. The new button will help identify the version issues quicker for those just starting with Cascade.
  • Some of the error messages now contain better information to help identify the cause of the issue and how to fix it.
  • Preparing for the move to Gallup Access, we have updated the Gallup copyright statements.

Thank you for reading down to this point. Please ask if you need more information on these new features.

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