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Create the Cascade reports in German. Make your client feel special with their reports in their local language.

strengths in German language Cascade

Sprichst du Deutsch?

  • Choose English or German theme names.
  • One-time fee.
  • The instructions within Cascade remain in English.

What does the German Language Pack include?

The language pack converts the majority of the Cascade reports into German. The material content and report headings appear in German with the option of using English or German CliftonStrengths® theme names.

Due to space limitations, the Theme Advantage worksheets are only in English. All the other reports are available in German. See Pricing

How to get the Reports in German

Head over to our shop to get your own copy of the German Language pack. Only one pack is needed for each license of Cascade.

After pacing an order, you will receive a code to activate the language pack. If you have an older version of Cascade, we will send you a fresh copy with the language pack already activated.

As our office is in the UK, there may be a slight delay in sending the information if you are in a different time zone.

Changing the Language in Cascade

Changing the language in Cascade is in the Settings part of the Menu. More information is at How do I Change the Language for the Reports?

The active language is visible in the bottom right corner of the Menu screen.

Credits for the Translations

The translations for the content to be in German falls into two parts.

The Non-Gallup content has kindly been translated by fellow coaches. We would specifically like to thank coaches Nicole Seichter, Marisol von Appen, Ralph Rickenbach, Andrzej Pyrka and Kathrin Griebsch for making the German version possible.

The Gallup material in the Cascade reports uses the text supplied by Gallup in order to preserve their copyright. As a Gallup Licensed Partner, Releasing Strengths has special permission to reproduce the Gallup material in French within Cascade.

Content Acknowledgements

Gallup®, CliftonStrengths® and the 34 theme names of CliftonStrengths® are trademarks of Gallup, Inc.  All rights reserved.  To learn more about CliftonStrengths®, please visit Gallup Access.

This product contains certain Gallup trademarks and copyrighted material and is used herein pursuant to license. The author’s information has not been approved and is not sanctioned or endorsed by Gallup in any way. Opinions, views and interpretations of CliftonStrengths® are solely the beliefs of Releasing Strengths Ltd.

The Cascade strengths reports contain copyrighted material from Releasing Strengths Ltd. All rights reserved.

Official Gallup Licensed Partner Cascade Strengths reports

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