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Cascade strengths reports French

Parlez vous francais?

Create the Cascade reports in French. Make your client feel special with their reports in their local language.

  • Choose English or French theme names.
  • One-time fee.
  • The instructions within Cascade remain in English.

What does the French Language Pack include?

The language pack converts the majority of the Cascade reports into French. The material content and report headings appear en francais with the option of using English or French CliftonStrengths® theme names.

Due to space limitations, the Theme Advantage worksheets are only in English.

All the other popular reports are available in French.

Being able to produce insights into strengths themes in French is awesome, and has been instrumental in creating successful sessions with our clients. I am personally grateful to Richard Sterry and to Cascade for this tool that has become a « must have ».
La nouvelle fonctionnalité qui nous permet de proposer à nos clients des rapports exclusivement en français – enfin !!- est un atout essentiel pour la réussite de nos interventions. Je suis personnellement reconnaissante à Richard Sterry et à Cascade pour cet outil qui nous est désormais indispensable.
Florence Hardy – Labo des Talents, Paris

StrengthsFinder team strengths grid french francais Cascade report

The Team Grid can show the CliftonStrengths themes and domains in French.

CliftonStrengths in French francais Cascade report

Here is an example of the Personal Insights report in French. It includes information from the Gallup Theme Insight & Theme Discovery cards.

How to get the Reports in French

Head over to our shop to get your own copy of the French Language pack. Only one pack is needed for each license of Cascade.

After pacing an order, you will receive a code to activate the French language pack. If you have an older version of Cascade, we will send you a fresh copy with the language pack already activated.

As our office is in the UK, there may be a slight delay in sending the information if you are in a different time zone.

Changing the Language in Cascade

Changing the language in Cascade is in the Settings part of the Menu. More information is at How do I Change the Language for the Reports?

The active language is visible in the bottom right corner of the Menu screen.

Credits for the Translations

The translations for the content to be in French falls into two parts.

The Non-Gallup content has kindly been translated by fellow coaches. We would specifically like to thank for their work.

Florence Hardy

Living in Paris, Florence was instrumental in getting the French translation moving. She works primarily with clients in France under her company Labo des Talents.

Michèle Lecerre

Also in Paris, Michèle helped to add the finishing touches to the translations.

Renée-Claude Paris

At SISMK Renée-Claude Paris and Marie-Hélène Langlois helped to provide a French perspective from Montréal, Canada.

The Gallup material in the Cascade reports uses the text supplied by Gallup in order to preserve their copyright. As a Gallup Licensed Partner, Releasing Strengths has special permission to reproduce the Gallup material in French within Cascade.

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