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Hablas Español?

For years, Gallup Strengths Coaches and their clients have benefited from the Cascade reports in English. Now, we have the Cascade reports in Spanish.

Using the CliftonStrengths® themes, the Cascade reports provide visual insights to help teams and individuals. For coaches, they save a huge amount of preparation time when creating personalized reports.

What does the Spanish Language Pack include?

The language pack converts the Cascade reports into Spanish. The material content and report headings appear en español with the option of using English or Spanish CliftonStrengths® theme names.

Due to space limitations, the Theme Advantage worksheets are only in English. All the other reports contain the Spanish text and themes.

As the language options are built into Cascade, it is easy from the Settings part of the Cascade Menu to switch between different languages.

How do I get the Reports in Spanish?

Gallup strengths Espanol Spanish Cascade

Head over to our shop to get your own copy of the Spanish Language Pack. Only one pack is needed for each license of Cascade.

This is an Add-On product where you need either a Cascade Professional or Cascade Personal license.

After pacing an order, you will receive a code to activate the Spanish language. If you have an older version of Cascade, we will send you a fresh copy with the language pack already activated.

As our office is in the UK, there may be a slight delay in sending the information if you are in a different time zone.

I am in love with Cascade - even more so now that I can use it with my clients in Spanish! What was always an incredibly useful tool before has really become a lifesaver as most of my organizational client base is located in Latin America. It's also helpful with individual clients, but nothing else makes prepping for teams a breeze like Cascade does. It will have paid for itself with the first use.
Do yourself a favor, save the headaches and time of preparing all those reports and get Cascade now.

Jo Self

Jo Self Consulting - Lima, Peru

Changing the Language in Cascade

To change from English to Spanish in Cascade, head to the Settings part of the Menu. There are language options at the bottom of the screen. More information is at How do I Change the Language for the Reports?

The active language is visible in the bottom right corner of the Menu screen.

Credits for the Translations

The translations for the content to be in Spanish falls into two parts.

The Non-Gallup content has kindly been translated by fellow coaches José and Caroline. We would specifically like to thank for their work.

José Miguel Valcárcel lives in Madrid, Spain who is an expert in C-Level, Team & One to One Coaching, and has extensive experience and network in the HR field. He is a lecturer in the most popular Spanish and South American business schools.

Caroline Pollard from Lewisville, Texas has a Masters Degree in Spanish with extensive teaching experience. She is now a Partner Trainer at Camp Gladiator.

The Gallup material in the Cascade reports uses the text supplied by Gallup in order to preserve their copyright. As a Gallup Licensed Partner, Releasing Strengths has special permission to reproduce the Gallup material in Spanish within Cascade.

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