Theme Map

domain theme map strengthsfinder cascade strategic influencing relationship executing strengths coaching workshop toolThe StrengthsFinder Themes work most effectively in their own Domain. Exploring possibilities on the Theme Map, opens up new opportunities how each theme can operate in the other Domains. This coaching tool provides a powerful way to broaden a person’s ability to be more effective in Domains that are less dominant. For example; if someone is strong in Relationship Building but low in the Influencing Domain, they could build strong emotional bonds that will draw others to follow their cause.

To see the Theme Map for a different person, select their name from the yellow drop-down box. The names in the list are those on the Team page.

Considerations and Discussion Points
  • Which Domain is in abundance and how can each theme provide a powerful contribution?
  • Which Domains are lacking, explore the diversity of each theme to see how it can work in that Domain.
  • Consider the statements in the Bring – Need report to provide ideas how a theme can work in the other Domains.

Note: The Theme Map is no longer included in Cascade.