Team Roles

Team Roles and Contributions

The Team Roles worksheet in Cascade helps each person discover how they can make a special contribution to their team. Each person has their functional role, often determined by their job title. This is why they are part of the team. Looking at their strengths will help to identify how each person can aid the smooth running of the team and bring cohesion.

Exploring their CliftonStrengths® themes, it is possible to see how they can enhance the smooth operation and effectiveness of the team. For example, someone with Harmony® can help to spot and diffuse conflicts within the team. Someone with Includer® can know which people to involve and when they will be most beneficial with each stage of the process or project. Someone with Focus® can ensure the project stays on track.

The Team Roles worksheet can help a team to establish, promote and give ownership for each person to take on a task required, making the team run smoothly and improving the overall performance. This gives ‘permission’ for each person to contribute in a way that uses their talents.

Creating the Team Roles worksheet

Build the team roles page by selecting the people for the Name column from the drop-down lists. The drop-down list of names comprises of those people visible on the Team Grid. Alternatively, click on the Insert Names button to quickly select names from the Team page.

To use the team roles form with a team, there are two options.

Option 1 – Print out the page for a team discussion and write in the Role and Contribution columns.

Option 2 – Enter the roles and contributions for each person on the Theme Table page. They can be found on the extreme right-hand side, after the 34ththeme (columns AS & AT).

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