Team Profiles

team strength profile theme cascade strengthfinder grid pie chartDisplaying the team profiles can visually show the balance of the Domains represented by each person.  This can indicate preferred communication or working styles for the different members of the team, enhancing collaboration.

Each segment shows the top 5 theme names for a person. Some teams like to display their profiles collectively on a wall or individually cut out and placed on their desk or workbook.

Creating your Team Profile

Use the yellow boxes to select the people in the team.  The names in the drop-down lists are determined by the people visible on the Team page. Alternatively, click on the Insert Names button to add names automatically from the Team Grid selection.

If there are more than 8 people in the team, print out one group then recreate the page with the additional people. The Bonus Pack expands this report to accommodate 16 people on two pages.

Arranging the order of the names can group similar profiles together or demonstrate contrasting characteristics of individuals.

Selecting names for just the top or bottom rows of profiles leaves space for photographs of each person above or below their profile.

To personalise the report, enter the team name at the top of the page.

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Considerations and Discussion Points
  • Compare the Domain colours between different people in the team; those who naturally get on really well with each other and those who struggle to see eye to eye. What do you notice?
  • Where are the combinations of Domain colours that could form effective partnerships? How can they help each other?
  • Are there any Domain colours that dominate the team profiles? How does this correlate to the culture of the team?
  • Which Domain colours are lacking from the page and how could this influence the effectiveness of the team?

Information about the contributions of each domain is discussed in the 4 Leadership Domains