Spark Chart

strengthsfinder theme team spark chart grid cascade domains frequencyThe Theme Spark Chart is a visual way to display the themes for a group of people. The longer the lines, the more people possess those themes.

Each quadrant signifies one of the Leadership Domains and the order of the theme names is set by the order of the themes listed across the top of the Team page.

To view the spark chart for the top 5 or top 10 themes, alter the display setting in the Team page.

Considerations and Discussion Points
  • Look at the symmetry for the spark chart. How well do the spark lines spread out across the Domain quadrants? Can this pattern help describe the characteristics of the team?
  • Are there one or two spark lines that are very dominant and longer than the rest? What effect might this have on the team in terms of a real strength, or perhaps a hindrance?
  • Which Domain has the highest concentration of colour? What synergies are there between the most dominant Domain and the culture of the team or department?
  • Which Domain has the least colour and how does this impact the effectiveness of the team? Which dominant themes can help to overcome the unbalance?
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As a coach, Cascade is a huge benefit as I prepare for teams and individuals. In just a few minutes with simple data entry, I have great team grid visuals, worksheets, name tents, and more! The team spark is my favorite and gets a great response every time. As I prepare to coach, I get great insights through the Cascade tabs. I am thrilled with Cascade and use it almost daily!