The Power of 2

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Inspired by the book The Power of 2 this worksheet explores how two people can work effectively together.  Examples of situations include:

  • Two colleagues struggling to work together to understand where there are clashes of themes and explore potential positive collaborative opportunities.
  • Two colleagues who work well together to better understand why they are effective, and explore ways to make the partnership even more successful.
  • A member of staff and their manager to understand each other’s perspective based on their themes.
  • Two people setting out on a project or business venture to spot potential clash points and explore the opportunities for collaboration.
  • Two people in a marriage or domestic partnership.

Page Description

Select the names of two people in the yellow boxes at the top of the screen. The names in the drop-down lists are from the Team page.

One person’s themes are across the top of the page and the themes for the other person are on the left-hand side. 

Report Options

You can choose the text to accompany the theme names in the green sections. The options are;

  • Short Description
  • Descriptive words
  • The Role I Play
  • I Bring and I Need
Cascade Power of 2 partnership collaboration working together

Use the grid to note how each theme across the top can enhance or temper the themes down the side.

Depending on the two people and their situation, these suggestions for using the Power of 2 report may help.

  • For a general understanding of each other, use the Short Description.
  • To get started in a working relationship, use The Role I Play.
  • For a better understanding of each other’s character, try the Descriptive Words.
  • To increase collaboration, use the Bring & Need.

Collaboration Ideas

Explore how the themes of the person on the left, can enhance the themes for the person on the top. (Write these in blue)

Consider how the themes of the person on the left, can rub against or aggravate the themes for the person on the top. (Write these in red)

Repeat the exercise above with the names and themes swapped over.

Theme Dynamics

Considering the Balcony of each theme, what are the best opportunities for each of the theme combinations between the two people?

The book Expanding Your Strengths can provide additional insights.

Use the same name for both axes. In which ways can that person’s themes enhance or temper each other?