Personal Insights

clifton strengths gallup theme insight cards personal insights strengthsfinder cascade compare characteristicsThe Personal Insights report reveals the characteristics of a client’s Top 5 themes. For each them it covers;

  • Descriptive words
  • The role I play – words describing who I am
  • I am – being
  • I will – doing
  • The value I bring
  • The needs I have – give me
  • My motivators
  • My demotivators

Two sets of Theme Comparisons compare their top 5 themes with other similar or contrasting themes. This helps to build an understanding of a theme in relation to the others.

To see the Theme Insights for a different person, select their name from the yellow drop-down box. The selection in the Team page determines the names available in the list.

The information from the Theme Dynamics and Theme Insight Cards are reproduced under licence from Gallup Inc.

Coaching Questions
  • Which characteristics of the themes resonate with you, or help you make sense of the way you think and feel?
  • What new revelations or discoveries does this information provide?
  • What other words or scenarios can you add to any of the categories?

Some coaches show the Personal Insight report to their clients at the outset to see what resonates. Others like to save this report to the end of the conversation. It is a comprehensive set of information for the client to take away and explore in their own time.

Enhance this report with the Bonus Pack to show the characteristics of themes 6 – 10.

Group Exercise

Here’s a simple exercise to get the room buzzing.

Ask each person to grab their Personal Insights report and read out their five “I love…” statements.

Go around the table/room so each person has a turn to speak and share. Soon the group will identify common statements and link them back to strengths.

Which themes can you identify from the statements below?  (Click on the image to enlarge)

Cascade strengths report personal insights motivators I love

If only I knew about this sooner!  
“I cannot believe how much time this tool have saved me, I run strengths workshops every week, now I can run a whole host of reports for my clients with the data I already have. Talk about playing to strengths and leveraging those of others around you. Richard clearly has an abundance of talent in areas I do not, a genius and an excel wiz. My clients love the info provided and pretty sure they too will be signing up to the tool as there is SO much you can do with it. The desk tents, Summary data and strengths insights are my favourite.”
Charlotte Blair, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Australia.