Labels & Lanyards

Print badge labels and lanyards with the CliftonStrengths® top 5 themes.

Design your name tags, badges or lanyards with your choice of colours, fonts and logos. Include the StrengthsFinder® top 5 themes for each person. Print all the labels for your workshop or seminar attendees directly with Cascade, there is no need to mail merge.

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How to print your labels

There are 3 steps to printing your labels and once set up, you can jump to the third step very quickly. All the configuration and printing takes place on the Labels page of Cascade.

1  Configure the Paper and Label Dimensions

The dimensions are critical in getting the right alignment of your text. Test the output on your printer and once set, you can focus on your design.

See the table for common label sizes

print name label badge lanyard settings clifton strengths themes cascade spreadsheetPaper and Label Size

Insert the measurements into the table on the right of the page, using millimetres (mm).

The paper dimensions should be visible on the packaging, alternatively view international papers sizes here. You need to select the same size of paper in your printer settings. Also, check for the Portrait or Landscape orientation in the Page Layout and Orientation setting from the Menu Bar.

Likewise, the label size may be available on the packet or if you are printing on plain paper, check the measurements of the lanyard pouch. Set the number of labels going down and across the page. Cascade can accommodate 1-5 labels down with 2 labels across, so up to 10 labels can fit on a page.

Print page labels name badge Clifton Strengths top 5 themes excel Cascade

Insert the Label Gap – the space between the labels – which may be 0 or a few mm. If you intend to cut out your badges, setting the Label Gap to 0 will save additional cutting if you can cut accurately between the labels.

Enter the Top Margin – the distance between the top of the page and the first label. The Bottom Margin automatically calculates its value, which will show in red if there is not enough space. If this happens, try reducing the Top Margin or the number of labels on the page. Similarly, the Right Margin is calculated from the measurements going across the page.

Label Format
Top 5 Name badge StrengthsFinder top 5 print excel Cascade

There are four sections for the label.

  • Label Header – for your company name, logo or the workshop/seminar title.
  • Name – the name of the person.
  • Themes Height – the vertical space for each of the 5 theme names, which calculates automatically.
  • Label Footer – the space at the bottom for any text or shading.

Enter the height of the Header, Name and Footer sections where the themes will use the remaining space. Each section is optional and will not appear if set to 0.

Click on Set Page & Label Size button to configure the page with your settings.

2  Design your Label Format

Design the label sections for the sample label, then apply the formatting to all the labels on the page. For the Header, Name and Footer, choose the font type, size, colour, bold, italic etc. Also add any background shading and a top or bottom border. For the Theme Names select the font size and the bold option from the panel on the right. The text can either be black or in the relevant colour for the theme’s Domain.

As a Bonus Feature, you can include the person’s team or department set in column D on the Theme Table page. Select Yes and the contents of column D for that person will be added to the label footer. This is useful in a workshop setting to divide people into groups or you may want to show their company/department.

print badge label settings strengthsfinder themes name badge lanyard cascade spreadsheet

Click on Apply Formatting to Labels to copy your configuration to the page of labels. Check that the tails of any letters for ‘g’ or ‘y’ are not cut off.

Tip: Add background shading to the Header and Footer, then run a test print to check the alignment with the labels on the page.

3  Print the Labels
Create PDF Lanyard Labels

Arrange the Team page to contain all the people for whom you want to print labels, then click on 1st Page of Names. This will populate the Label page with the first group of names in alphabetical order. Click on Print Preview to see what the page will look like and check that the text fits within the label boundaries.

To print further pages, click on Next Page of Names to work your way through those on the Team page.

The next time you want to print the same type of labels, jump straight to part 3 and you are ready to go.

You can also create a PDF of the Label page to send to a print shop or to your customer for printing. Clicking on the PDF button for All Pages will create a series of PDFs for everyone in the Team Grid. The files consist of the Team Name (set in the Cascade Menu) and the label page number.

Advanced Options

Be creative and make the most of the configuration options. Try adding a watermark or logo to personalise your labels.

Add a Logo

To add your logo or an image, use Insert, Picture from the Menu Bar and place it on the first label of the page. When it is the correct size and shape, copy and paste it to each of the other labels.

Tip: If you later redesign your label, drag one copy of your image to the space on the right of the page so you can retrieve it later.

Where the Theme names are Gallup’s IP, it is important to recognise this, so there is no confusion between Gallup and another company represented by a logo. Therefore at the footer of the label or lanyard, add the text. “CliftonStrengths® and the 34 theme names of CliftonStrengths® are trademarks of Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved.”

Add a Watermark

Excel does not really support watermarks, however there is a workaround. These instructions are for Excel 2016 which may vary for your MS Office installation.

  • From the Menu Bar, click on Insert, Shapes and choose a rectangle.
  • Adjust the rectangle size and shape to fill the first label on the page.
  • Right click on the rectangle and select Format Picture to reveal the Format Picture options on the right.
  • Under the Shape Options, select Fill and choose Picture or texture fill. Locate the file for your watermark to insert it into the rectangle.
  • With the image selected, use the Picture Tools to adjust the colour, transparency and artistic effects to get the desired result.
  • Copy and Paste your image to each of your labels.

Cascade Label Sizes for Lanyards

Use the table as a guide for entering in the label sizes for your label product.

Cascade Label Sizes for Lanyards
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