Team Word Cloud

Word clouds are a visual way to represent the frequency of a collection of words. The more often a word occurs, the bigger the word appears.

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Some teams like to display a word cloud of their themes. It can provide a sense of identity as it visually shows which themes they represent.

Several word cloud generators are available online, search for ‘word cloud’ to find one that you like.  Each word cloud generator has its own style and some only work with specific computer systems. Try them out to see which one works best for you and your computer.

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Creating your Word Cloud

To create a word cloud, upload all the relevant words to the site then it can generate the desired pattern.  Using the popularity of the themes represented in the Theme Frequency chart, a box is ready with all the words, saving you a lot of typing.

Click on the box below the first instruction to create the word cloud, then press Ctrl+C to Copy the contents to the clipboard.  On the word cloud site, click on the area expecting the required words then press Ctrl+V to Paste all the words to the site. For Mac computers use Command+C and Command+V.

Select the relevant button to generate your cloud then view the results. Some sites offer formatting options to customise your cloud. Take a screenshot to paste the cloud into a presentation or document, then it ready to print or share.

word cloud strength themes cascade