Frequency Chart

team strengths theme frequency chart cascade strengthsfinder spreadsheetThe Theme Frequency chart in Cascade shows the distribution of the CliftonStrengths® themes for a group of people.  Select the people on the Team page and the most common themes appear at the top of the chart.

Each bar is coloured according to the theme’s Domain with the length of the bar indicating the number of people possessing that theme.

To view the top 5 or top 10 themes for each person, adjust the display setting on the Team page.

Where several themes occur the same number of times, the themes that appear highest for the individuals will rank higher on the chart. For example; if two themes have just once occurrence, a theme that is someone’s #1 will appear higher than a theme that is someone’s #5.

Considerations and Discussion Points
  • Look at the Domain colours represented at the top of the chart. Which Domains are more dominant and which ones are lacking?
  • Are there one or two themes that are very dominant at the top of the chart? What effect might this have on the team in terms of a real strength, or perhaps a hindrance?
  • Which themes have a score of 1? What unique contributions can the people with these themes make to the team?
  • Which themes are at the bottom of the chart and what effect could their position have on the team?
  • What is the shape of the Frequency Chart? Is there a sharp decline from the top or is the profile fairly flat?
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Cascade: I have been doing so much of this manually! I love that it is now automated!