Cascade Team Grid

The dynamic Team Grid in Cascade graphically displays the CliftonStrengths® themes for a team. Save time with the automatic calculation of the statistical information which highlights the top 5 themes for the team.

  • Display Themes for top 5, top 10, top 15, top Dominant or All 34.
  • Multiple ways to select people to include in the grid.
  • Select and sort people by Theme or Domain.
  • Choose from a wide range of display options – over 6000 possibilities.
  • Automatic calculation of Theme and Domain totals.
Cascade team strengths grid Cliftonstrengths

Themes to Display

Cascade Team Grid strengths theme selection top 10

How many themes do you want to display?
Choose from the top 5, top 10, top 15, top Dominant, All 34 or None. You can also add in the Bottom 5 to spice things up.

The intensity of the shading for the theme numbers varies according to the position of the theme.

  • Top 5 themes have solid shading
  • Themes 6 – 15 show partial shading
  • Themes 16 – 29 have no shading
  • The bottom 5 themes (30 – 34) show grey shading

The Dominant theme count is the number of top themes a person considers as their ‘Go To’ themes. Usually, this is around 10. The value for the number of dominant themes, between 8 and 15, can be entered in the Theme Table. If no value is available, Cascade assumes 10 Dominant themes.

The other team reports, Team Summary, Frequency, and Spark Chart look to the Team Grid to represent the same number of themes. Selecting the top 10 themes here will cause the Team Summary report to represent the top 10 themes. Where the selection is for All 34 themes, the other team reports drop down to the top 15. Likewise, the Bottom 5 themes are removed when viewing the team reports.

team strengths grid all 34 themes

Domain Totals

On the right of the grid are the domain totals for each person. The number of themes they have in each domain. This is very handy to sort people who have the most themes in a domain.

print domain totals in team grid Cascade

There is a button at the top of the screen to print the Domain Totals table.


Team Selection

One of the powerful features with the Cascade Team Grid is the ability select people from a wide range of criteria. Using the information provided in the Theme Table you can create multiple combinations. In addition, you can select by theme or domain to identify strengths across an organisation.

strengths team table display select people filter cascade

Use the Filter options next to each heading to select the people for the grid. Tick or untick the relevant boxes from the drop-down list depending on who you want to include. Refine your list by filtering on more than one column. You can also sort the people by any of the columns.

You can filter by Theme enabling you to select those with a certain theme. The Domain totals on the right provide the opportunity to filter and sort by Domain. This makes it easy to find anyone with a specific theme or people with the highest number of themes in a domain.

Use the blue columns (A-D) in the Theme Table to add extra information for each person. Their company, location, management level etc. You can then Filter in the Team Grid by the information provided.

To reset the filtering, click on the Clear Filters button to restore the complete list of clients.

Having everything together helps to identify suitable partners who may be in a different department. It also provides a view of the whole company or your complete client base, where you can easily find all the people with a specific theme.


Domain Order

What is the correct order for the Domains?

Cascade Order

Cascade displays the Domains in the order SIRE (Strategic Thinking, Influencing, Relationship Building and Executing) as this is often the way things happen within a team. It helps to demonstrate the connection and synergy between the Domains, going from left to right. We believe that Strategic Thinking should come before Executing. More information about the domains in the SIRE order is discussed at 4 Leadership Domains

Team grid strengthsfinder domains
4 SIRE Domains with the Cascade Domain Contributions

The Task orientated domains are on the outside with the people-centric domains in the middle. This order also supports conversations on what happens when the presence of a domain is absent.

Gallup Order

Gallup show the Domains in alphabetical order EIRS (Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building and Strategic Thinking).

Team grid cliftonstrengths domains cascade
4 EIRS Domains with the Gallup Domain Descriptions

To satisfy both camps, the Domain Order button allows you to switch the order of the Domains according to your preference. (This may appear like a simple button but there is a ton of work going on behind the scenes).

What are the numbers in the Domain Headings?

strengths domains Relationship building cascade

The Team Grid shows the 4 Leadership Domains which contain numbers according to the themes represented in the grid. Using the example here;

  • 53% of all the themes in the grid are in the Relationship Building Domain.
  • 6 people in the grid have themes in this Domain.
  • The 6 people collectively have 16 Relationship Building themes between them.

These numbers will vary for the team depending on the number of themes displayed. When all 34 themes are shown, the numbers represent the top 15 themes.

Domain Descriptions

New to the Team Grid are options to show the descriptions for the domains. There are two sets of text to suit your preference, which may depend on the order of the Domains.

  • Domain Descriptions – See the descriptions for each of the Domains from Gallup.
  • Domain Contribution – See how each Domain contributes to the overall effectiveness of the team. Each Domain covers the What, the Why, the Who and the How to form a complete picture.

Use the buttons in the top left of the page to show or hide these descriptions.


Team Grid Display Options

The menu at the top of the page makes it easy to adjust the layout and the headings for the page. Click on the buttons to show or hide a column or a row.

Cascade strengths workshop matrix show hide settings
  • Row 8 (Totals) – Below the theme names are the number of times that theme appears in the Team Grid. The theme totals bar does not show any values when the bottom 5 themes are visible.
    Read more about the Theme Totals below.
  • Column E (Area) – The Area column on the Team Grid comes from the Theme Table.
  • Column F (Team) – The Team column on the Team Grid comes from the Theme Table.
  • Row 10 (Headings) – When printing the Team Grid, a blank row appears below the theme totals bar. This row contains the headings for the Name column which you may want to remove.
  • Client Names – Showing several team combinations on The Team Grid leads to discussions about how the weightings across the domains can affect the dynamics of a team.  If you display real teams, you may want to hide the names of the people to protect their privacy.

Theme Totals

CliftonStrengths theme totals chart cascade

The key for the shading in the Theme Totals bar is.

  • Green numbers identify the top 5 themes for the team.
  • Blue shows unique themes with a count of 1.
  • Grey identifies the themes which are not present for the team

Calculation Method

The top 5 themes are highlighted for the team in green. Where there is a draw with some themes appearing the same number of times, Cascade looks at the positioning of the themes for the individuals. A theme at #1 for a person will score higher than a theme at #5. In the example here, there are four themes occurring 9 times.

Note: In Cascade, the top 5 themes for a team are based on the count of the themes represented. This is different to calculation method in Gallup Access. In Access, the top 5 themes for the team are based on the intensity of all 34 themes for each team member. When using the Access Team Grid and the Cascade Team Summary reports, the top 5 themes for the team will differ. Therefore, it is recommended to use either the team reports from Access, or those from Cascade.

Helps me to focus on the team
I am enjoying using Cascade very much – in my recent teams/workshops it has really helped me focus on the team and facilitation process, rather than on the data sorting.

Florence Hardy – Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, France


Printing the Team Grid

Use the Print and PDF icon buttons to quickly create paper or PDF results of your Team Grid.

Cascade print PDF button

You can also copy the Team Grid to a PowerPoint slide.

Visit the Team Summary report to show a summary of the team and a visual representation of their themes.


Troubleshooting Tips

Refresh Page

This is the Get out of Jail Free button to piece the page back together if it all goes horribly wrong. You won’t lose any data, it sorts out the rows and columns then replaces over 100,000 pieces of formulae. When making lots of changes to the Theme Table, you may experience #REF in the Team Grid so the Refresh Page button will restore order.

Not enough rows in the Team Grid

The Team Grid grows as you increase the number of people in the Theme Table. To expand the grid, click on the Refresh Page button.

An explanation about how the grid grows is at Not Enough Rows in the Team Grid.

Add your Logo

Make the report your own by adding your logo to the page. See Can I add my Logo to the Reports?

Need more help?

Visit the Support Hub to see answers to frequent questions.

Spectacularly Useful
I’ve only just started using these tools and I’m thrilled with how helpful it has been. Being able to sort and filter using top 5 or top 10 on the Enhanced Team Grid has streamlined my communications to targeted groups, including using the summary number of top strengths in each domain. I’m looking forward to using the other sheets as well in team sessions. Brilliant!

Diana Verhalen – California, USA


Coaching Considerations

When is the best time to introduce the Team Grid?

The temptation is to introduce the Team Grid at an early stage of the strengths journey. However, when clients see all the 34 themes shown across the page, the natural instinct can be to see what they are missing. They can also notice an absence of their themes in a certain Domain. This may lead to unconstructive conversations and weakness fixing.

When a person is confident of their themes, this is the time to introduce the Team Grid. Start by introducing the 4 Domains and how they relate to each other. See 4 Domains of Leadership for inspiration.

Being aware of the 4 Domains and the potential they bring, a client will then be able to put their themes into perspective with the Team Grid. Focus on the positives where a person can make their best contribution. Look for likely partners who have themes in other domains.

Coaching Questions

Consider how the balance of the 4 domains affects the strengths of the team. Where is the team strongest and which domain has the lowest representation? Can the team think of example situations which demonstrate the balance of the domains?

strengths theme totals chart cascade

Which themes are most dominant across the team and how does this affect the way the team operates? Look for the top 5 themes for the team shown in green on the Theme Totals bar.

Which themes are only represented by one person in the team? (The blue numbers in the Theme Totals bar). How can these people use their uniqueness to contribute to the team?

Who has more than 3 themes in one domain? How can they be a real asset to the team?

Additional Thoughts

How does the balance of the domains vary when looking at the top 5 themes and the top 10 themes?

How can the team and individuals compensate for a lack of themes in a domain?


Content Acknowledgements

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