Enhanced Team Grid

The dynamic Team Grid in Cascade builds itself from the StrengthsFinder® themes of your clients. Customise the display to show different levels of themes to suit the team or your workshop. Save time with the automatic calculation of the statistical information which highlights the top 5 themes for the team.


team grid matrix chart strengthsfinder strength theme domain cascade table

Display Options

The Enhanced Team Grid in Cascade is a flexible page to display several team combinations in a range of formats.

  • Choose which names to display with several filtering options.
  • Sort the names by the defined columns, by a theme or by a domain.
  • Choose to display the Top 5, the Top 10 or the Top 10 with the bottom 5 themes.
  • Add your own logo and enter a name for the team.
  • Identify which parts to print or save to a .PDF.
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Client / Team selection

strengths team grid display filter cascadeWith all your client’s data stored in one place has advantages, however it can be difficult to filter out the specific groups or people you want to view.

Using Excel’s Data Filtering feature, it is possible to select people based on a range of criteria.

Click on the down arrow next to the desired column heading, then tick or untick the categories or people required. Repeat this for as many columns as necessary.

The column names and their contents for each client are set in the Theme Table page.

Having everything together helps to identify suitable partners who may be in a different department. It also provides a view of the whole company or your complete client base, where you can easily find all the people with a specific theme.

Tip: If you select people based on a specific theme, or other criteria, it is possible to Copy and Paste their email addresses into Outlook to email them about an interesting blog post or Theme Thursday webinar.

Remove Blank Rows

To present a clean Team Grid you may want to remove or hide the empty rows. Use the filter option (described above) and untick Blanks or zzBlanks. This will clear the blank rows.

Hide Columns or Heading Rows

To customise the look of the Team Grid, it is possible to resize or hide some columns. You may want to hide columns E and F if they are empty.

Place the cursor in Row 5 and in the column (A-G) that you wish to alter. Right-click the column heading to resize or hide it.

Error Correction

Cascade help error correction refresh team grid pageOccasionally the Team page may lose its references to the Theme Table page, showing #REF. The Refresh Page button at the top will restore the page formulae and formatting.

Domain Headings

Each of the headings for the four Leadership Domains contain numbers according to the names selected in the grid.strengths domains Relationship building cascade

Using this example;

  • 53% of all the themes for the group are in the Relationship Building Domain.
  • 6 people in the group have themes in this Domain.
  • The 6 people collectively have 16 Relationship Building themes between them.

These totals summarise the details collected for each person on the right of the page.

Theme Totals

strengths theme totals team grid cascade

Below the theme names are the number of times that theme is listed in the grid. Green highlights display the top 5 themes for the team, the unique themes (with a count of 1) are in blue, and themes which are not present for the team are in grey. This is a very handy guide to direct conversations when discussing the overall strengths of a team.

The Theme Totals bar is only shown when the Top 5 or the Top 10 display options are selected.

Theme Display

strengths team grid top 5 10 themes cascadeIt is possible to change the Team Grid contents to display just the Top 5 themes, the Top 10 themes, or the Top 10 themes with the bottom 5 (Lesser) themes.

Select the number of themes to display, using the drop-down menu in the top left-hand corner.

This is particularly useful when there is a mixture of the number of themes available for people across the team, some with all 34 themes and some with just their top 5 themes.

Name Hiding

strengths team grid hide names cascadeShowing several team combinations on The Team Grid leads to discussions how the weightings across the domains can affect the dynamics of a team.  If you display real teams, you may want to hide the names of the people to protect their privacy. To Show or Hide the names, make your choice from the drop-down box under Display Options, in the top left-hand corner of the Team Grid.

Team Name

strengths team grid team name cascadeTo customise your Team Grid report, enter the name of the team near the top left. This example imaginatively uses the name ‘Team A’. The other team reports in Cascade pick up on the name entered here for their team name headings.

The number of people shown in the box represents the total number of people selected in the grid.

Add your Logo

To personalise the page it is possible to add your logo or your customer’s logo. From the menu bar click on Insert, Picture then locate the image file. Resize and position the image in the space at the top left of the page.

Domain Order

strengths team grid domains strategic influencing relationship executing

The Domains follow the order of; Strategic Thinking, Influencing, Relationship Building and then Executing. In general, this is the natural order of events as they occur. We work out what needs to be done, get others on board, bring people together, then do what is needed. Hence when coaching others, going through the domains in this order gives a more natural flow to the discussions. The order is explained more in the 4 Leadership Domains article.

The Task orientated domains are on the outside with the people-centric domains in the middle. This order also supports conversations on what happens when the presence of a domain is absent.

Theme Order

Team grid Executing domain theme cascadeWithin each Domain, the themes do not have to be in alphabetical order. Similar themes can be placed together within their domain such as Input and Learner, Communication and Woo, Analytical and Strategic etc. This supports conversations if a theme is missing from a team, the ones listed either side of it could be the most appropriate to help out with that aspect. It doesn’t work in all cases but visually you can make it is easier to spot the clusters of strength and the potential gaps.

To alter the order of the themes within each Domain, click on the Theme Name and select a different theme from the drop-down list.

Additional Tips

To change the print area or show the Team Grid in PowerPoint, check out the FAQs.

Coaching Considerations

When should you introduce the Team Grid? The Gallup article Is your team ready for the Team Strengths Grid suggests some helpful tips.

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I've only just started using these tools and I'm thrilled with how helpful it has been. Being able to sort and filter using top 5 or top 10 on the Enhanced Team Grid has streamlined my communications to targeted groups, including using the summary number of top strengths in each domain. I'm looking forward to using the other sheets as well in team sessions. Brilliant!