My Domains

strengthsfinder leadership domain strength themes distribution cascade print spreadsheet grid chartVisually seeing a person’s themes spread across each Leadership Domain can reveal new insights about their character.

To see the Clifton Strengths® themes for a different person, select their name from the box at the top of the grid. The names in the list are those on the Team page.

Understanding what each of the domains contribute and how they interact with each other, is explained in The 4 Leadership Domains – Part 1 Recognising the needs for each Domain is described in The 4 Domains of Leadership – Part 2

Considerations and Discussion Points
  • Look first at their most dominant domain to discover how those themes work together. How does this shape the nature of the person?
  • Review the distribution of their themes. Is there a concentration of themes in one or two domains?
  • There is a tendency be concerned about the lack of themes in a particular domain. Discuss how this impacts the person and what opportunities there are to mitigate against them.
  • Consider the domains where an ideal partner can share their strength.