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Desk Name Tent with top 5 themes

Sharing your StrengthsFinder® top 5 themes increases collaboration as we learn to understand each other better. The Desk Name Tent in Cascade is a simple visual display of our name and our top 5 themes. During a workshop session, the colour coded themes help to increase awareness and open up conversations.

There is no mail merging with Word, just print the double-sided Name Tent directly and quickly from Cascade. The Bonus Pack makes it even easier to print all the Name Tents for a whole team or workshop attendees in one go.

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Add your logo to the Name Tent

To add an extra touch, personalise the Name Tents with your logo or text either side of the theme names. From the menu bar select Insert and click on Pictures, which is under Illustrations, then locate your logo file. As you adjust your logo to the correct size remember to rotate it so it aligns with the direction of the theme names.

After printing out the page, make 3 folds indicated by the small lines creating a triangle or tent. The name and themes are displayed on both sides for all to see with the themes in the Domain colours.

Extra options with the Bonus Pack

The Bonus Pack enables you to print the top 5 or top 10 themes and change the page orientation. You can choose your own font for the name and select the font size. To make the name card less formal, there is the option to hide the surname. It is also possible to include the Domain Pie Chart from the Team Profiles page.

Explore more features with Cascade

Having the themes on display provides clues on how to approach the person and is often a conversation starter about their strengths.

Language Options

The Theme names are available as standard in English. Additional Language Packs provide the theme names in French, Spanish and German.

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