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Cascade is constantly evolving as we listen to your suggestions and see how it is used. The purpose is to make your life easier and we welcome your comments to enhance Cascade further.

This Change Log lists the updates between each version. We try to make it fairly non-technical, and if you need more detail, just contact us.

You can download an update at any time, within 12 months from the date of purchase or with your support period. To download the latest version of Cascade, follow the steps in this support article – How to get the latest version of Cascade.

For assistance, use the Contact Us form quoting your licence number – C with 5 digits at the top of the Menu screen.

We announce major updates and improvements in Cascade Connection, the Cascade newsletter. It is worth signing up to receive your copy. Announcements are also on our Facebook page.

The latest Cascade version is 2.0r05f

Log of changes by version number

2.0r05f – 20th September 2021
  • New Report Toppings where you can add your own text at the top of am individual report. Thank you Deon.
  • Strengths Advantage section.
    • Added worksheet on Psychological Safety. Thank you Alicia, Tracy, Marjan and Michelle.
    • Added worksheets for Career Development and planning a New Role. Thank you Murray and Jennifer.
    • Refined text for Mindset Resilience and Situational Leadership. Thank you Liz and Deon
  • Labels / Lanyards – added buttons to easily create a PDF of the page and a set of PDFs for all the pages. Thank you Dawn.
  • Personal Insights – removed the gender specific word ‘his’ for Woo’s Metaphor, inline with Gallup’s text. Thank you Murray.
  • Slight improvement to the Theme Import process and updated the translation procedure for the Positivity theme in German. Thank you Daniel.
  • Updated the PDF process to check for illegal characters in a Team Heading, preventing an error when saving the PDF file.
2.0r05e – 21st May 2021
  • Strengths Advantage section.
    • Added Wellbeing worksheet to complement Gallup’s book.
  • Theme Table – Added a ‘Skip All’ option when Importing Themes, to skip all the duplicate entries. Thank you Paul.
  • Team Grid
    • Moved the ‘Refreshing the Page’ message so it doesn’t accidentally show on the printed report. Thank you Marie-Hélène.
    • Updated the Domain Contribution for the Influencing Domain, changed ‘inertia’ to ‘energy’. Thank you Antonia.
  • Updated report headings and page formatting for the German Language Pack. Thank you Marisol and Nicole.
2.0r05d – 4th February 2021
  • Strengths Advantage section.
    • Renamed Theme Advantage to Strengths Advantage. Thank you Marisol and Nicole.
    • Added worksheet: Care Coaching – Caring for your Loved One. Thank you Dawn.
    • Added worksheet: Care Coaching – Taking Care of Yourself. Thank you Dawn.
    • Reinstated the Agile Projects worksheet that dropped out. Thank you Amy & Deon.
  • The Power of 2 and The Power of Me worksheets.
    • Added the option to show themes 6 to 10. Thank you Holly.
    • Added row and column headings for The Power of Me. Thank you Ron.
    • Changed the name of Power of 2 in German to Potential2. Thank you Marisol and Nicole.
  • Updated the Copyright date to 2021. Thank you for the New Year.
2.0r05c – 17th December 2020
  • Fix for VBA error when using Microsoft 365 and OneDrive folder location.
2.0r05b2 – 7th December 2020
  • Added the German Language Pack.
  • New Theme Advantage worksheet for Performance SeQuEnCe.
  • New Power of Me worksheet.
  • More theme selection options in the All 34 report.
  • Updated the Domain names in French.
  • Improved the PDF creation process when saving to OneDrive.
  • Renamed the heading in the Personal Insights report from Theme Insights to Personal Insights for continuity.
  • Strengthened the reliability of the Theme Import process and added a translation feature to convert theme names in French, Spanish and German into English.
  • Added the new Cascade logo to each page.
2.0r05a – 25th August 2020

As there are lots of subtle changes, there is a short video showing them in more detail.

Cascade update r5 video
Watch the video of changes
  • Domain colour change – Strategic Thinking from red to green.
  • There’s a new button to Print the Domain Totals in the Team Grid. Thank you, Cheryl.
  • When selecting just the Bottom or no themes in the Team Grid, the Domain header totals are now hidden for clarity. Thank you, Sara.
  • The PDF filenames are now appended with the number of themes in the report – T5 or T10. Thank you, Judy.
  • The PDF header now shows the filename when viewing PDFs. Previously, it just said Cascade. Thank you, Kimberly.
  • Tweak to improve saving PDF files on SharePoint. Thank you, Rachael.
  • The Team Roles, All 34 and Team Profile pages now support French and Spanish languages.
  • Small tweaks to the Spanish translations in the Brings & Needs report. Thank you, Claudia.
  • Preparations for the German language Pack.
2.0r04g – 22nd May 2020
  • Introducing the Spanish Language Pack – Thank you José and Caroline.
  • Minor formatting tweaks to the Personal Insights and the My Domain reports.
  • Preparations for the German language Pack.
2.0r04f – 1st May 2020
  • Added two new topics for the Theme Advantage worksheet, Managing in a Crisis and VUCA. – Thank you Antonia and Deon.
  • Updated the Theme Advantage text for Managing a Project to prevent text overspill. Thank you Deborah.
  • Reduced occurrences of Error 1004 when importing themes when Cascade is saved on OneDrive.
  • Corrected the text overspill in the Personal Insights report experienced by a few people with Macs. Thank you Corey, James, Andreas and Carisa.
  • Tweaks to prepare for the new language content.
2.0r04e – 11th February 2020
  • Tweaks to the French Language Pack for the Team Summary report.
  • Improved error messaging for the Import Themes process.
2.0r04d – 24th January 2020
  • Created the French Language Pack for the reports in French.
  • Updated the Theme Table Import process to check for theme names in English.
  • Added a check to correctly identify a web path for OneDrive on a Windows computer when creating PDF files.
  • Updated the download feature in the Modules section to get the latest version of Cascade.
2.0r0c – 30th December 2019
  • Fixed the buttons on the Home page for Menu, Settings and Modules selection to work better on Mac computers.
  • In Theme Advantage page, updated the formatting for Situational Leadership to prevent words getting truncated.
  • Expanded error messages to provide more specific information when there is a problem.
  • Updated the calculation process to more accurately count the number of people in the Theme Table when setting the size of the Team Grid.
  • Adjustments to make the reports multilingual, in preparation for the language packs.
2.0r04b – 26th September 2019
  • On Personal Insights report, updated the Metaphore display button to work on computers using Office 365.
2.0r04a – 9th September 2019
See the full release notes.
  • Import Themes from Gallup Access.
  • Receive future versions of Cascade with your personal Download button.
  • Get more power with the Power of 2 report.
2.0r03f – 24th May 2019
2.0r03e – 24th April 2019
  • Fixed Error 75 with some Macs when creating PDFs.
2.0r03d – 5th April 2019
  • Tweaked the Personal Insights report to prevent getting cut off in a few cells.
  • Fixed an issue with the legend in the All 34 Pie chart not displaying.
2.0r03b – March 2019

This is a major new release with a host of new features. To read about the changes and watch the video demonstration, visit the Release Notes.

2.0r02c – 26th July 2018
  • Fixed an issue when sorting clients in the Theme Table beyond 500. It only affects the Go Large module.
  • In the Personal Insights page, changed the description from ‘I Hate’ to I Dislike’.
2.0r02b – 4th July 2018 – Major New Release
  • Big New Features
  • New Theme Advantage page creating multiple worksheets for clients to explore how they can use their themes in various situations.
  • New My 34 page showing all 34 themes for a person with a personalised Spark Chart. It requires the Bonus Pack.
  • New feature to create PDF reports for each person in a team. Requires the Bonus Pack and Windows with Office 2010, 2013, 2016 or Mac with Office 2016 (Mac with Office 2011 is not supported).
    Personal Reports
  • The Bring / Need and Personal Insights report previously only printed themes 1-5 when printing from the Select Name page. They now remember their setting to print themes 1-5 or 6-10 according to the selection on the report.
  • Added a footnote to show the theme ranges (Themes 1-5 or Themes 6-10) for the Personal Insights and Bring / Need reports.
  • Increased the space at the top of the Personal Insights, Power of 2, Bring / Need, reports to add logos or text.
    Team Reports
  • Increased the space for the Team Name in the Team Grid.
  • Changed the weight of the font for the bottom 5 themes on the Team Grid to increase readability.
  • Added to the list of Word Cloud generators. It offers many more Word Cloud variations.
  • Modified the Spark chart so the theme names do not overlap.
  • Corrected the theme percentage calculations in the Team Summary report when showing the top 10 themes.
  • Corrected the priority of themes in the Frequency chart having the same occurrence. The order is also based on the theme intensity.
    Other Updates
  • Corrected an issue in the Labels page when running on Office 2010.
  • Cleaned up aspects behind the scenes to reduce the file size by 20%.
Thank you

Thank you to all the coaches who have helped towards these improvements of Cascade and provided feedback on the new features. We appreciate your support and encouragement as we enhance our tools and services. Thank you to Alicia Santamaria, Barry Rellaford, Charlotte Blair, Cheryl Pace, Deon Rademeyer, Elaine Krek, Fiona Grant, Florence Hardy, Jessica Kennedy, Jennifer Miller, Jose Valcarcel, Kathie Gautille, Mary Beth Crawford, Ralph Rickenbach and Tracy Phillips.

2.0r01d – 22nd March 2018
  • Adjusted the layout of the Labels page to print 1 or 2 labels across (was fixed at 2) and up to 8 labels down (was 5).
  • Added a Bonus Pack feature on the Labels page to hide the surname.
  • Increased the font size of the Power of 2 theme descriptions for easier readability.
  • Corrected a bug in the Team page for the Print Preview button to work better on Macs.
  • Updated the instructions on the Bring – Need page.
  • Updated the Refresh Formatting process on the Theme Table to remove any cell borders inherited from pasting in data.
2.0r01c – 13th February 2018
  • Updated the formatting for the Print Preview button on the Team page.
2.0r01b – Major new release – January 2018 – Summary of updates
  • Rebranded the Single Site licence to Cascade Personal – for self-employed coaches.
  • Rebranded the Single Site to Cascade Professional for coaches working in organisations.
  • Revised the copyright statements in line with Gallup’s licence agreement.
  • Removed the French translations as this is outside of Gallup’s licence agreement.
  • Added the Go Large add-on module to increase the capacity to 2000 clients or staff.
  • Each page received a bit of a facelift to improve its appearance.
  • Moved the registration details displayed on the reports from the top to the bottom. The Bonus Pack includes options to add in your own text.
  • Updated the Theme Comparisons on the Personal Insights report to match those on the Theme Insight cards.
  • Added sorting options on the Theme Table page.
  • Added buttons to show or hide rows and columns on the Team page.
  • The Select Name page shows registration details and the expiry date for the 12 months support period.
1.2e – 31st August 2017
  • Updated Name Tent page to customise the page layout and change the font type and size. Added an option to hide the surname for less formal workshops. This requires the Bonus Pack.
1.2d – 23rd August 2017
  • Added flexibility to the Team page enabling the resizing and hiding of rows and columns.
  • Corrected Bonus Pack Activation when running on a mac.
  • Updated the Set Page button on the Label page, reducing code errors.
1.2c – 4th August 2017
  • New Label / Lanyard printing page for name badges.
  • Minor American and British spelling updates.
  • Bonus Pack – New ‘Print All’ facility to print a report for everyone in a team with just a few clicks.
Major Release: New Features for Version 1.2a – June 2017

Here are the main updates for version 1.2, listed by each page.


  • Set the Language for the reports, English (UK) or English (US).
  • The Bonus Pack adds in the French language.
  • Resolution of ‘Error 5’ experienced on some Mac environments.

Team Grid

  • Add your own logo to replace the meeting table image.
  • Sort clients by the number of themes in a chosen Domain.
  • Error indicator to identify the presence of missing or duplicate themes.
  • More flexible print options to show or hide the columns to the left of the Name.

Team Summary PageNew with the Bonus Pack

  • One page summary for the team.
  • Numerical statistics for each Domain with the Frequency chart, the spark chart and a new Pie chart.
  • Top 5 themes for the team with their contributions, needs and motivators.
All 34 PageNew
  • Show the Top 5 themes for 6 people side by side.
  • Use buttons to automatically insert and clear the selected names.
  • Identify the position of themes across the people on the report.
  • The Bonus Pack expands the list to the Top 10 and All 34 themes.

Team Roles

  • New buttons to automatically insert and clear the selected names.
  • The Bonus Pack expands the report from 10 to 20 people.

Team Profiles

  • New buttons to automatically insert and clear the selected names.
  • The Bonus Pack expands the report from 8 to 16 people.

Select Name

  • Use buttons to quickly jump between pages.
  • The Bonus Pack enables quick one-button printing for personalised reports.

Personal Insights

  • The Bonus Pack enables the report to print themes 6 – 10.

Bring – Need

  • The Bonus Pack enables the report to print themes 6 – 10.

Name Tent

  • Add your logo and personalise text on the Name Tent.

Theme Table

  • Checks for theme duplicates or missing themes.
Previous Minor Updates
1.01t – 26th May 2017
  • Mac users previously saw ‘Error 5’ warning messages caused by the floating menu which is now removed.
  • Team Profiles – 2 buttons added to easily populate and clear the contents in the Name boxes.
  • Theme Table – Increased the functionality of the button to update the cell formatting and changed its name to be more descriptive “Reset Formatting”.
  • Other minor bug fixes and tweaks in preparation for the next major release.
1.01r – 5th April 2017
  • Updated The Power of 2 page so the theme descriptions could display correctly for clients on the Theme Table listed after row 100.
1.01q – 17th March 2017
  • Theme Table – Some users experienced the themes with longer names wrapping onto a second line, causing the row to go double height. Word-wrap for these cells is now removed, preventing the double height rows. The width of the column has been expanded very slightly.
  • Top 5 Report – The theme description for the third theme did drop onto the second page.
  • Top 5 Report with Actions – The 5th theme sometime only showed one line of the Actions. It now shows them all.
  • Team Profiles – Added a button to clear the names from the yellow boxes.
1.01p – 8th March 2017
  • Team Grid – Sorted the names of the themes into alphabetical order within each Domain. It is very easy to change the order of the themes to place similar themes together. Click on the theme name and select a theme from the drop-down list.
1.01m – 1st February 2017
  • Theme Table – Updated the ‘Unlock Cells’ button to recreate the drop-down lists for the theme cells. Occasionally these were getting overwritten when data was pasted in.
1.01k – 31st January 2017
  • Theme Table – Updated the ‘Unlock Cells’ button to refresh the formatting of the cells. When data was pasted in, it can bring across its formatting from the source spreadsheet. It is better to paste data using Paste Values, so the formatting of the destination spreadsheet is adopted for each cell.
1.01j – 22nd January 2017
  • Name Tent – Expanded the size of the cell for the name to accommodate longer names.
  • Team Grid – Added a button (top right) to redraw the page, recreating the links to the Theme Table page. Occasionally some names and themes got out of alignment after using the sort feature.
  • Select Names – When changing the name in the Select Names page, it now also updates the first name on the Badge page.
  • Updated the copyright year to 2017
1.01h – 18th January 2017
  • Team Grid – Enabled the image in the top left to be replaced by a logo of the user’s choosing.
  • Team Grid – Enabled the list of clients to be sorted by any column.
  • Name Tent – Increased the font size of the themes on the Name Tent.
1.01g – 9th January 2017
  • Expanded the Team Grid from 100 to 500 people
  • Removed links to external spreadsheets

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