Cascade – Getting Started

Getting Started with Cascade

Here are some steps to get you up and running with Cascade so you can quickly see the reports for your clients.

This page is for Cascade 2.0r02 which uses the Select Name page. Those on Cascade version 2.0r03 with the new Menu, released on 1st April 2019, will find this page more relevant.

When you receive your copy of Cascade, save the file to your computer in a location that is part of your back up process.
Open Cascade and choose Yes to Enable Macros. Cascade runs on Excel and uses macros and coding to automate the reports and charts.

To transfer your client data from a previous version of Cascade, refer to the Cascade Upgrade page.


The pages in Cascade fit together descending from the Theme Table page.

Strengths reports excel spreadsheet cascade strengthsfinder themes

The Theme Table is the main repository for all your clients. Use the left hand columns to identify their organisation, team or hierarchical position.

The Team page selects the relevant people from the Theme Table, based on their organisation or team. All the following reports are for these people.

The Select Name page chooses one name from the Team page. This person is the focus for all the individual reports.

Getting Started

If you are new to Excel, the tabs across the bottom take you to the different pages (or sheets).

Getting started Cascade Excel spreadsheet tabs sheets strengthsfinder

Start at the Theme Table page to enter your client’s names and themes. More info

Cascade strengthsfinder themes data entry excel copy paste Gallup Strengths Center

Move to the Team page to see the Team Grid for your clients. More info

team grid strengthsfinder strength theme domain cascade


View the Team Frequency Charts for the team. More info

team frequency chart strength theme distribution strengthsfinder cascade grid

In the Select Name page, choose a client’s name.

Excel drop down list cascade

View the Personalised Insight report for the name selected. More info

Personal theme Insights strengths cascade strengthsfinder clifton strengths
Personal Insights

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