I Bring I Need

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The I Bring I Need report in Cascade provides enhanced statements for the contributions and the needs of each theme. This can be a good starting place to help someone appreciate their themes after reading their Insight Report.

The I Bring column lists a range of ways the themes can enhance a situation. Understanding more about what each theme contributes expands our ability to use them in a variety of ways.

With each contribution, there is a need – what we need in order to give of our best. Recognising the needs for our themes positions us to be in the best place possible to improve our performance. Knowing the themes and meeting needs of others will help them thrive and increase their contributions.

To see the contributions and needs for a different person, select their name from the yellow drop-down box. The names in the list are those shown on the Team page.

Worksheet Applications

Recognising the contributions and needs for each theme adds another level of understanding. There are many ways to include this worksheet into a coaching session.

  • Use the ‘I Bring’ and ‘I Need’ statements that resonate to complete Gallup’s ‘The Best of Us’ worksheet.
  • Hight light the theme contributions that can support a specific goal. Draw out the best parts of each theme to provide direction, motivation, collaboration and delivery for the challenge.
  • Interpret the ‘I Need’ statements into everyday practical activities. Note roughly how often to perform each activity to maintain energy levels. For example, someone with the Relator® theme needs time for one on one conversations. How many of these conversations should they schedule each week?
  • If someone is very demotivated, review the ‘I Need’ column to see what they can do to feed their energy levels.
  • Encourage a manager to feed the individual needs for each of their staff. This will lead to the staff delivering their best contributions.
  • Use the ‘I Bring’ statements to share what you can deliver, and balance the conversation with the Needs to deliver your best. For example, someone with the theme of Analytical® can get to the root of the problem. However, they need the exact and well-researched numbers.
Coaching Questions
  • Which contributions do you see in yourself and what contributions could you engage more often?
  • Which of the needs are most important to you and how can you meet these needs on a regular basis?
  • Knowing the themes of others, how can you encourage them to use their themes more?
  • Working with others, how can you help meet their needs so they can make a more effective contribution?

The Bonus Pack expands this report to cover themes 6 – 10.

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