All 34 Themes

How can you compare all 34 themes for two or more people? Use the All 34 Theme Report in Cascade to expose new insights, enhancing your coaching.

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The All 34 report shows all the 34 CliftonStrengths® themes for up to 6 people on a page. Each theme is in its domain colour.

Looking across the columns, you can see the dominant themes for each person at the top with the lesser ones at the bottom. Consider the themes occurring frequently near the top and if they also appear near the bottom for others. How does this affect the group and where are the opportunities for collaboration?

Display Themes

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Select up to six people from the yellow name boxes to reveal their themes. The Team Grid determines the names in the drop-down list and sets the Team Name for the heading.

Alternatively, click on the Insert Names button to populate the boxes with the first six names (alphabetically sorted) from the Team Grid.

Choose to display the number of themes to obtain the desired result. Showing all the 34 themes provides completeness where sometimes fewer themes may create a greater impact. The Theme Display Options are;

  • Just the top 5 themes
  • Just the top 10 themes
  • The top 10 with the bottom 5 themes
  • All 34 themes

Theme Identification

It is possible to identify up to five themes to see where they are positioned for the people on the page. The identification is a coloured box around the theme.

Use the radio buttons under the yellow boxes to select a name then click on the range to Identify Themes. The Top 5 button to show where that person’s Top 5 themes lie with the other people on the page. Likewise, the 6-10 and Bottom 5 buttons will show where their themes lie with the others.

Alternatively, use the drop-down lists on the Theme Identification boxes to select specific themes.

Noting where the themes are represented across a team for someone’s Bottom 5, is helpful to show collaborations opportunities.

Coaching Considerations and Discussion Points

  • Coaching an individual – select their themes to show with yours.
    • What do their dominant themes need?
    • How could your dominant themes influence the coaching session?
    • What might they need to help mitigate their lesser themes?
  • Coaching two people working together
    • What theme partnerships can you see in the dominant themes? How can they help each other?
    • What themes does one person have which are lower down for the other? How can they split tasks to align better with their themes?
  • Coaching a small team
    • Which themes appear in the dominant area for several people and not others? How can this make the team strong? What can the others contribute to complement these strengths?
    • Which themes appear in the dominant area for some and are in the lesser area for others? Are they aware of their differences? How can they help each other?
    • Which Domain shows up the least in the dominant themes? What impact has this caused and how can the other themes help to balance the team?

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