My 34 Theme Report

See all 34 themes for a person on one page. Focus on the Dominant themes, notice the Supporting themes and be aware of the Lesser themes.

Clifton Strengths 34 themes Cascade report

The My 34 Theme report is a recent addition to the Cascade strengths reports. It requires the Bonus Pack.

Select a person from the drop-down list. If you cannot see the person you need, make sure they are visible on the Team page.

Choose the Insight information and the number of Dominant themes to display. Help your client understand how their 34 themes can work together.

Insight Information

Select the pair of statements to describe the Dominant themes. The choices are from the Theme Insight cards;

  • Being & Doing – The person I can be and the things I can do.
  • Bring & Need – The value I bring and the needs I have.
  • Metaphor & Barrier Label – An image of the theme and how the theme could be perceived.
  • Motivators & Demotivators – The things I love and those I hate.
  • Descriptive Words – The words that can describe me and the roles that I can play.

Dominant Themes

Choose the number of dominant themes between 8 and 15. These are the themes which always describe the client – the ones they most commonly use.

The Domain Pie chart and the Personal Spark chart will adjust, depending on the number of Dominant themes.

Supporting Themes

The Supporting themes appear across the left part of the page. These are the themes that sometimes come into play. It is useful to know what they are, but best results come from the Dominant themes.

Lesser Themes

The Lesser Themes, usually the bottom 5, are those which definitely do not describe the person.

If your client is trying to use these themes, help them see how they can use aspects of their dominant themes instead. They are likely to have far more success. For example, if the theme of Woo® is in the bottom 5, how can your client start a conversation with a stranger using their other themes? Perhaps Learner® to ask a question. Individualization® to notice something special about them or Harmony® to look for something in common.

The perspective of headings for the pairs of statements is reversed, to reflect the lesser themes.

Domain Distribution

The Domain Pie chart shows the distribution of the Dominant themes by Domain. Some clients may have an even distribution where others may have a dominant Domain.

Personal Spark Chart

The Personal Spark chart reflects the theme intensity for a person.

The lines for the dominant themes extend beyond the circle where the Supporting themes are inside the circle. Adjusting the number of Dominant themes will alter the length of the lines.

My 34 Theme Report

Look at all 34 themes as a whole. What makes the person who they are?

It is an excellent visual accompaniment to Gallup’s 34 Themes Report.

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