Cascade Help

General Help

Here you can find out how to quickly navigate around Cascade, then easily produce creative reports for your clients. Use the menu on the right to discover more about each page in Cascade.

Cascade helps Strengths Coaches or strengths enthusiasts track the themes for their clients or staff, saving valuable time. Producing the theme information in a variety of formats enables the teams or individuals to gain a better perspective of their talents.

Enter the theme order for clients or staff on the Theme Table page (tab/sheet). Use the Team page to select the team or group. The other pages display multiple reports or worksheets ready to print. On each report page, you can use the drop-down list to select the report for a person shown on the Team page.

If the StrengthsFinder codes are purchased through the Gallup Strengths Center under your account, it is possible to export an Excel file from the Gallup site. Copy and paste this information straight into Cascade, saving you lots of typing. See Entering Client’s themes and information for more information.



We welcome any feedback or comments about Cascade. Do contact us if you find a new way of applying a report or chart with clients.

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