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Cascade is designed for Gallup strengths coaches providing enhanced reports for CliftonStrengths.
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Dallas, Texas USA Website
Cascade is a game changer!  

Cascade has truly changed my world as a coach--this is not too strong of a statement!
From a business perspective, it has saved me countless hours of preparing reports, and instead has allowed me to focus on the data I can glean from the reports for any team or individual coaching client!
From a coaching perspective, I have received glowing reviews using Cascade as a tool to illustrate team & individual talent themes/strengths. This is without a doubt one of the best tools I have in my tool bag as a coach!

New Zealand
Simplifying Life with Cascade  

I have been using Cascade for a couple of months now and it has been such a useful and practical tool for preparing my Team sessions. It just makes everything so quick, easy and efficient. Thanks so much for resourcing my business with such a great tool. I'd highly recommend Cascade as a Strengths resource.

USA - Chicago, Illinois
Cascade helps me work smarter not harder  

I bought Cascade a few weeks ago, and WOW has it made a substantial difference in the way I prepare for individual and team coaching sessions and workshops. Entering the top 5 once and then creating various reports and documents, is such a time saver. Before Cascade, preparing for any coaching session would be labor intensive. I love how each report provides wonderful colors and great visuals. As a coach, Cascade has taken our prep work to the next level. Thank you Releasing Strengths!

United States Website
All I ever wanted  

Cascade: This is a great tool. All the things I would ever want but don’t have the natural talents to create!

United States of American Website
Worth Every Penny  

I love your product! It is worth every penny invested! Your materials really help explain CSF to my clients and teams in a simple, yet powerful way that augments the traditional Gallup material. Also, the ability to create individual and team reports, as well as tent cards and activities, quickly and easily is a godsend for conducting large and small sessions. Thank you for this excellent, user friendly product!

United States
Give this man a Knighthood!  

Richard Sterry deserves at least a Knighthood for his services to the Strengths Community - not only is Cascade amazingly efficient, visually striking and insightful for coaches and clients alike, he has the all time best customer service ever. If you are thinking of delivering a team workshop with more than 5 people, get Cascade! If you work with individuals 1:1, get Cascade! If you hate excel, get Cascade! If you LOVE Excel, GET Cascade. For those of you who haven't upgraded recently - get on board, the new functionality is even more user-friendly and allows for more customization for clients with all 34 themes. Cheers!

Australia Website
No more cumbersome preparation  

From the moment our company started using Cascade, our workshop preparations went from being a cumbersome preparation process to one of ease! At Prism we take pride in providing our workshop participants and coaching clients with quality tools that they can use to become better versions of themselves.

Cascade has given me the opportunity to stop working in the business and start working on the business. I use all elements of the tool, however my faves include the Team Spark, Summary, Personal Insights, Name Tents and tags [Labels]. If you work with Strengths in any part of your business…you NEED Cascade!

Sacramento, CA United States Website
Streamlining Efficiency  

Cascade Professional has completely streamlined the prepping process for 34 Strong. The ease of use has made everything incredibly more efficient, saving us the time and hassle of imputing everything by hand. The bonus pack is well worth the purchase value, and offers materials that really resonate with our clients, making it one of the best investments we've made. This program allows us to present information to our clients in a way that is incredibly clear and precise, as well as visually pleasing and perfectly tailored toward each individual and company we work with. The work that Richard has put into Cascade Professional has dramatically increased our efficiency and our ability to connect with our clients. We sincerely appreciate this, and all you've done for the Strengths community. Thank you Richard!!

United States
Incredible tool!  

I'm relatively new to coaching and very new to Cascade, and already, I can see what a huge impact this will make on those I coach. I am stunned by all of the tools Cascade provides and the myriad ways I can tweak data and bring my coaching to the next level. Richard is also extremely generous with his time and expertise, and he graciously walked me through each section so I can use it most effectively. I am so excited about this product!

United states
This is AMAZING!  

My coaching friend just told me about Cascade and I couldn’t order it fast enough. This tool will save me hours of time and allow me to provide my clients with a better, more professional looking tool that will help them to continue to develop their strengths! Thank you, thank you, thank you for developing this and for sharing it at such an affordable cost! It is AMAZING!!!!!

France Website
Helps me to focus on the team  

I am enjoying using Cascade very much - in my recent teams/workshops it has really helped me focus on the team and facilitation process, rather than on the data sorting.

United States
Cascade is AWESOME!  

Just buy it! Cascade is a wonderful tool that helps clients gain more insight into their talents and teams have 'at-a-glance' tools they can easily use. I'm able to create beautiful, customized documents (which my #1 individualization talent loves) quickly. This has saved me hours in prep time and made my clients feel special. Cascade has my highest recommendation - it's a fabulous resource!

Austraiia Website
If only I knew about this sooner!  

I cannot believe how much time this tool have saved me, I run strengths workshops every week, now I can run a whole host of reports for my clients with the data I already have. Talk about playing to strengths and leveraging those of others around you. Richard clearly has an abundance of talent in areas I do not, a genius and an excel wiz. My clients love the info provided and pretty sure they too will be signing up to the tool as there is SO much you can do with it. The desk tents, Summary data and strengths insights are my favourite.

Just get it!  

If you have not invested in Cascade yet, do it now. It´s just a very helpful tool. Insightful, simple ,and above all , its a huge timesaver. Adding to that Richard Sterry is the one the most helpful guys I have ever come across. This is such a great tool to have.

NYUAD, Saadiyat Island
Perfect for academic environment and individual coaching  

I work with college students, student groups, and professional staff members (teams) who all have benefited dramatically from Releasing Strengths [Cascade]. As a coach, it has helped my clients better organize their results and enhances the ability to process their newfound learnings.

Las Vegas Website
Worth the cost within just one client engagement  

I'm so thankful for Richard's vision for Cascade. In a recent teambuilding engagement, it was so helpful -- not to mention a time-saver -- to have this material to share with the participants, as they were anxious to see what their whole team looked like. Along with the Team Strengths Grid that was used to facilitate discussion and learning, I left each participant with a Bring/Need sheet to further enhance conversation back in their offices. I also used the Personal Insights sheets for a separate conversation with just the admin team -- I had them look at each other's Personal Insights sheets to then fill out Gallup's Partnership Cards for each other; I like using this instead of having them read each other's report because I think the spreadsheet is easier to digest in a short amount of time (and I was able to direct them to the rows that say "The Value I Bring" and "The Needs I Have" specifically).
These additional tools along with the ease of printing the name tents makes Cascade worth the cost within just one client engagement! I am looking forward to using more and seeing what else Richard comes up with in the future.

United Kingdom Website
Saves admin time  

I ordered a copy [of Cascade] and immediately could see how it could save me some admin time when planning for workshops. I would definitely recommend Cascade and it will particularly appeal to both technical and non-technical people.

Cascade is the BEST Strengths Finder tool!  

We started to use Cascade only this year and it saved so much time already! Cascade is the best and easiest tool for StrengthsFinder that helps to organize data, review each employee's strengths and also help tremendously while working with each employee on their strengths. It helps to proving unique, meaningful, and visual experience and help our employees to grow personally and professionally using their strengths.

Alexandria, USA Website
The Power of Cascade!  

Cascade is a game changer for Coaches! It is an unbelievable tool that helps Clients fully understand their unique qualities and is something tangible for them to keep and study! I worked for 4 years without Cascade, and I am THRILLED to have it at my disposal! I ordered the Personal package (for self-employed coaches) and the Bonus pack.
YOU CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT THE BONUS PACK! 🙂 The extras included make all the difference in the world! My Clients have been very impressed with the items from Cascade that I have left with them! Thank you Richard for all your hard work in putting Cascade together! Cascade has made coaching so much easier AND more engaging!!

United States Website

Cascade: I have been doing so much of this manually! I love that it is now automated!

USA Website
This non-executing maximizer is thrilled!  

Releasing Strengths is a game-changer for me as my Strengths Coaching business (DM360) continues to thrive. Richard and his team are so easy to work with and they consistently “deliver and delight” above and beyond. They are always making it better and that makes my ‘maximizer’ so pleased.

Recently, I had a gig and was able to add my new company branding to all my materials. It made me so proud to have branded reports. It’s the little touches that help us stand out with pride.

I feel like Cascade and Richard are the back office that make me look professional. This tool has allowed me (a non-executing themes, person) to run my business efficiently and effectively. My assistant can enter in all the details, run reports and handle the printing with Cascade. And, I can do what I’m best at... developing, facilitating and coaching.

The Cascade team is personal, responsive, a purveyor of excellence and invaluable to me and my business. Kudos to the team for relevant and outstanding work!

Thanks to Cascade for taking the ‘overwhelm’ out of the details for me and my team!

United States Website
Significantly Enhances the Value for our Clients!  

At Churchill we working with corporate clients helping them become a Strengths-based organization as well as building leadership and team effectiveness capability (skill). The addition of the Cascade tool has helped us accelerate our collaborative engagement with clients - together we are able to look at talent and talent combinations that exist in a much more productive way to practical apply them even better for growth and performance!

United States
Spectacularly Useful  

I've only just started using these tools and I'm thrilled with how helpful it has been. Being able to sort and filter using top 5 or top 10 on the Enhanced Team Grid has streamlined my communications to targeted groups, including using the summary number of top strengths in each domain. I'm looking forward to using the other sheets as well in team sessions. Brilliant!

Australia Website
Deeper Conversations  

I’ve been using Cascade for my leadership coaching and strengths-based team workshops for a few years. Cascade provides a suite of tools and information that support me in the strengths journey of my clients. For each conversation or session, there is a report or way of sharing the strengths information that enables a deeper understanding and application of my client’s strengths.

Switzerland Website
Import Gallup's file  

Cascade: You've not only made my life easier, but directly importing from the downloadable file on the Gallup Strengths Centre, it has also very quickly given me a ton of extra insights. Thank you. It's genius!

United States Website
Huge benefit  

As a coach, Cascade is a huge benefit as I prepare for teams and individuals. In just a few minutes with simple data entry, I have great team grid visuals, worksheets, name tents, and more! The team spark is my favorite and gets a great response every time. As I prepare to coach, I get great insights through the Cascade tabs. I am thrilled with Cascade and use it almost daily!

UK Website
A strengths coach's tool  

I am vastly enthusiastic about Cascade. It is a strengths coach's tool, a virtual assistant that helps to distil information, saving time and basic analysis. The new Insert Names feature is excellent and is really helpful, as it allows me to pull all the relevant team information together without manual manipulation. The enhanced Select Names tab with quick links to reports and printing is also a convenient time saver.

I really like the Team Summary, which brings together all the information I would normally use to have an initial discussion with a team about their strengths in a single visual.

Can't wait to receive the next enhancements!

United States Website
Brilliant - Excellent - Saver of Time (BEST!)  

I used Cascade with a client recently and she gave me - so really YOU - a very enthusiastic complement! She said that seeing her team's information in this format absolutely made her day! She could easily see at a glance what she needed to know.

I want to give you a very big Thank You from me because this tool reflected well on me and my coaching business. I used to gather all of this information myself from separate resources to share with each of my clients and it was sooooooooooo time consuming. Cascade has taken all the hard work out of it for me and saves me hours of time for each client and team. Cascade is the BEST! Every strengths coach needs this. Thanks again for creating this fantastic, time-saving tool!

USA Website
Such A Time Saver  

I have been waiting for a tool like this! It makes my presentations feel so professional and it gives me more tools to use when presenting StrengthsFinder to teams.
I love the graphs and charts, and I'm sure it will save hours when I need to make table tents and name tags!

Best tool for Team Strengths  

Cascade has greatly enhanced the work I do at a team level. The reports look amazing and resonate with both the analytically minded and those who want the qualitative info. It saves so much time and provides great insights for our teams. Thank you!

USA Website
Amazing Investment  

As a coach, Cascade saves me tremendous time and allows me to create extremely professional binders for attendees. Best yet, support is proactive, helpful, and consistent with new releases. Absolutely delivers very high value.

USA Website
Truly Amazing  

Richard's work is outstanding. I used to spend hours exporting results and manipulating them, and now I literally spend minutes getting a much better end result. This time savings has dramatically reduced my effort and cost for administration and workshop prep. And, my clients think I'm a genius when I show them the charts, especially the Spark Summary. Thank you Richard!

United States of America Website
WOW! Cascade makes team coaching so much easier...  

I'm so appreciative to Richard for creating and sharing this incredible [Cascade] tool, a vast improvement over what we were using before. Our clients really appreciate the great visualization (the "SUMMARY" tab is a great bonus feature in the new release) and we appreciate how accessible and helpful Richard personally has been in helping us problem solve and use all the features. Cascade is a huge time saver and value-creator for us as coaches!

United States Website
A Maximizer's Dream Come True  

Many, many thanks to Richard Sterry for creating such a time saving and user friendly tool. He's single-handedly outpaced Gallup's tools in this space (am I allowed to say that? lol) and filled a real need for Strengths coaches everywhere. My company has 12 certified coaches on staff, who become giddy when using this tool because it saves so much time and has nice outputs. Richard has also been tremendously helpful and available to me when I've posed questions to him about the tool. Keep up the good work at Releasing Strengths!

United States Website
Helping coaches focus on coaching!  

Releasing Strengths, the Cascade Reports and Richard Sterry are brilliant! The depth of information provided by having client data compiled in such complete and varied options allows me to focus on actual “coaching”. Don’t wait another day before becoming part of the Cascade family! Thank you, Richard!

Australia Website
Refreshing Perspective  

The tools of Cascade have provided me new and different ways to bring the strengths information to life with teams. They have helped highlight strengths and opportunities when re-visiting people's top talents in follow up workshops. In 1:1 coaching, Cascade has helped people have looked at their strengths with fresh eyes. An awesome tool for all strengths-based coaches.

West Sacramento Website
Amazing tool!  

I've been using Cascade for a while now, and I love using it. I am so happy that Richard and his team were able to work with Gallup to have it licensed.

The ease of use of this software is fantastic, and extremely time-saving, particularly with the table tents, name badges, and Personal Insights.

Super Support Tool  

I’m so appreciative of your work and efforts to provide coaches with such a valuable tool-set to help us all individually and collectively better understand and develop our natural talents into strengths.

You’ve taken so much of the leg work out of preparing the various tool options in Cascade for us that support this, and the fact that you are continually upgrading, adding new features, and staying in pace with Gallup changes (e.g. Domain color changes, etc.) is truly a welcomed service.

On behalf of my fellow coaches, I’m grateful to you for your excellent work.

United States Website
Brilliant Strengths-Based Tool  

Cascade is a brilliant strengths-based tool that helps me champion strengths to large organizations, teams, and individual clients. The Team Summary snapshot report is one of my favorites, especially for large organizations and how it captures the strengths data visually. The Personal Insights one sheet is also invaluable to help speed up learning in my workshops. Most of all, Richard Sterry has demonstrated over the top customer support, responsiveness to my questions, and continuous improvement to the Cascade tool.

USA Website
A great tool  

What a great tool for your coaching business, I was so excited to find a program that could provide so much support. Would definitely recommend for your coaching practice!

United States
Cascade is a perfect tool for working with visual, data-driven decision makers!  

As I tried to figure out how my academic department might benefit beyond our initial Strengths workshop, I was fortunate enough to discover Cascade! My colleagues and I are all visual learners; and my department head is not only visual, her decisions are data-driven. We have only just begun using Cascade, and already our planning, evaluations, and growth as a team are more meaningful and productive!

United States
Pays for itself  

I purchased the [Cascade] tool last week and it saved me so much time preparing for 2 Strengths Discovery Workshops. It paid for itself in 24 hours!

Hard to believe it got better!  

I downloaded the updated Cascade version this morning and already have several new resources for some clients both new and those that I have worked with for a while. The new individual options are amazing. I am equally excited about how these will support my team workshops both for small group and paired exercises. Thank you so much, Richard. Your skills, knowledge, and expertise help me support my clients in ways that make me a better Coach every day.

USA Website
Fantastic Tool  

Richard, You and your team have created such a powerful tool here for anyone who uses Cliftonstrengths. The features are so robust and so helpful. It saves enormous time for me as a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach when working with my clients. They love the reports as well. Thanks for the new updates!

United States Website
Accelerates Client's Understanding  

I purchased it [Cascade] last month and it has already brought incredible value to what I offer my clients. Please know you have helped accelerate my client's understanding of their talent themes and provided tremendous resources to help team members understand each other better - particularly through the Contributions & Needs report and the Power of Two activity. Thank you! Thank you!

USA Website
Empowers my clients to go deeper into strengths  

The leadership and intact teams I work with absolutely love the Team Summary page of Cascade! I love that it gives teams a great visual and a starting point for analysis and interpretation of what the team brings and needs. It’s a great jumping off point for valuable conversations and discussions. Additionally, I’ve referred numerous clients to Cascade so they can take ownership of their results and have incredible tools at their fingertips! This not only saves me time from re-running strengths grids when team members change, but more importantly, it empowers my clients to go deeper into strengths and that’s what it’s all about!

MI USA Website
Terrific customer service  

Again, thank you, Richard, and Cascade Releasing Strengths, for your wonderful product that is excellently priced, delivers on outstanding, user-friendly coaching tools, progressive, clear, and concise educational tutorials through your newsletters and website, while concurrently providing terrific customer service!

South Africa
Efficient and Simple  

Cascade has proved to be an excellent tool for both individuals and teams to get the most from their introduction to their strengths journey. As a coach, it allows me to efficiently and simply prepare information for each session. Support is always readily available, which is really appreciated. Am loving using Cascade!

United States Website

Each of the Cascade tools are so helpful for both individuals as well as teams. The tools are visually appealing, easy to use, and provide so much insight on one page for the coach and the participants. Thank you to Richard for caring enough to use your Maximizer strength and to change the coaching world with Cascade!

United States Website
Amazing Insights & Responsive Developer  

The use of the Cascade program allowed us to deliver StrengthsFinder content by Leader and gave insights they hadn't seen before into their team dynamics. I have no doubt that the Cascade program allowed us to deliver a session that wouldn't have been possible to the most Senior people within our organization, including our CEO who was highly engaged because of the new presentation of StrengthsFinder data using the Cascade program.

France Website
Cascade gives me more time to do what I love to do  

I have just downloaded the new Cascade version and am totally blown away by how user-friendly it is.

It's true that I feel much more comfortable using Cascade this year thanks to the ever ready customer support I received two years ago but even so, this product is amazing!

Thank you for making my life more organised and just plain happier. Cascade gives me more time to do what I love to do: Strengths Team Coaching.

Milles mercis as we say over here.

New Zealand Website
Raving about Cascade  

I am so delighted to tell you how much I am loving Cascade. I'm a very practical person and this tool is practical. It gives great reports for the clients. They look professional and are easy for them to understand. I have the bonus version and it is great for teams. I only wish I got around to using this tool earlier. Thanks Richard, your support has been outstanding.

Even a technically challenged software user like me can use this effectively!  

I'm not a very technologically proficient user of computer software programs. I find it scary to delve into the unknown with confidence that I'm going to be successful in making it work.

I've found Cascade to be slick, user friendly, and intuitive. It's not as daunting to use as I was imagining that it might be.

The fact that this system puts helpful coaching tools together with just a few simple inputs and delivers some very professional looking work products, makes me look like I really know what I'm doing.

Love it!

United Kingdom Website
Invaluable Preparation Tool  

The Cascade tool is proving invaluable in helping me to grow the coaching arm of our business. It has enriched my preparation time by enabling me to spend less time on getting the supporting documents ready and more time thinking about the client. It does more than that though; it has also given me rich thinking clues, helping me to devise new coaching conversations and activities with clients and make the most of the wonderful Gallup source material.

United States Website

What a wonderful tool. I love the different graphics and I am excited for my team to connect on a deeper level with both their strengths and their teammate’s strengths.

South Africa Website
Love it  

Cascade: Great tool. Love it and my clients are going wild when they see it.

USA Website
Next Level Presentation  

I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with Richard Sterry and this remarkable tool he has created for Strengths coaches. I am able to provide stronger and more visually impactful data to my clients and in less time than when compiling information myself prior to using the program. I am especially excited about the name badge tool! When I hit a learning hurdle, Richard was incredibly quick to respond and helped me achieve the exact look I wanted for my badges. Cascade pays for itself after the first use, and then some.

Australia Website
CliftonStrengths Enhanced  

Cascade is the best investment a coach can make to enhance CliftonStrengths. The advanced reporting, deeper insights, team summaries etc will make you look like a Rock Star Coach. Quick, Easy and Professional. This is a tool you will not be able to live without.

United States of America
Cascade is a real team asset  

I work with community groups and leadership classes all around our state, and Cascade has truly elevated my Strengths workshops. The reports that Cascade generates are so well received by participants in my sessions. The reports and materials are easy to read, comprehend and digest quickly, and they provide information that goes beyond the standard report. A truly fantastic product!

We welcome your feedback on Cascade contact us to share your experience.

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