Cascade FAQs

Gallup strengthsfinder clifton strengths team cascade faqGot a question about Cascade? Discover the answers to those niggling questions and gather a few more time saving tips to improve your coaching session material.

Additional help with printing and saving reports to PDF or PowerPoint is available on the Print page.


Some names are not visible in the drop-down lists

Many of the reports have drop-down lists to personalise the page for a person.  Occasionally some names may not show up, especially if they were recently added.

Following the flow of the information within Cascade, here are a few things to check.

  1. The names in the drop-down lists are determined by those shown on the Team page. First check to see if the person is visible on the team page.
  2. Each time you leave the team page, the list of names is regenerated. Simply by viewing the Team page then returning to the report page, may resolve the issue.
  3. If the name is still not appearing in the drop-down list, click on the Refresh Page button on the Team page. This resets the team page and regenerates the list of names.

If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact the support team.

How can I save several reports to a single .PDF file

If there are a number of reports you want to send to a client, here is an easy way to combine them into a single .PDF file.

In this example we will create a single PDF file containing the Personalised Insight Report and the I Bring – I Need Report.

  1. In the Select Name page, select the name of the person for the reports.
  2. Select the Personalised Insight page.
  3. Holding down the Ctrl key, click on the ‘Bring – Need‘ tab so both tabs are highlighted.
  4. Click on File, Save As then Browse to find the desired folder location on your computer.
  5. At File Name, choose a name for the file.
  6. At Save as Type, select PDF (.pdf).
  7. Click on Save.
  8. A .PDF file will be created containing both reports for the selected person.
How can I save a report to Email or print later?

The reports and charts in Cascade can be printed directly or saved as a PDF.

Choose the report and select the Name(s) to include for the report.

To Print

Select File, Print, then Print

To save as a PDF
  1. Select File, Save As, choose the desired folder and file name
  2. Select Save to File, then choose .PDF
  3. The PDF file can then be printed later or emailed to a client.
How can I send an email just to the people with a certain theme?

Emailing a group of people who have the same dominant theme is very straightforward in Cascade. This is particularly useful if you want to promote an article or webinar discussing a specific theme.

  1. In the Team page, locate the data filtering button below the name of the theme you wish to promote (Row 7).
  2. Click on the button to reveal the filter options and untick Blanks.
  3. Press OK and only those people with that theme will be listed.
  4. Highlight and Copy (Ctrl+C) all the email addresses in column C.
  5. In your email Paste (Ctrl+V) the addresses into the To: or Bcc: section.
  6. Write your email and send it to your selected audience.
How can I manage more than 500 clients?

Cascade as standard can accommodate up to 500 clients, staff or students.

If you work with lots of groups from different organisations, you can include them all in the same copy of Cascade. This is the preferred way of working with Cascade. Set up one of the columns (A-D) on the Theme Table to identify the organisation or group.

The Go Large module increases Cascade’s capacity to 2000 people. This is best for larger organisations or coaches with a large client base.

It is possible to have more than one copy of Cascade on your computer, as you would with more than one copy of a spreadsheet. If you work with lots of clients in several organisations, you may need to create a separate copy of Cascade for each organisation. You will need to remember to update each copy of Cascade when there is a new update released, so each copy benefits from the new features.



Pre Purchase

When will my copy of Cascade arrive?

We are currently processing orders for Cascade within a few hours. Please bear in mind that we are based in the UK on GMT+0 so we may be asleep when you place your order.

Some customers, particularly those using a gmail email account appear not to be receiving their orders.  As Cascade uses macros, some email systems consider such attachments as ‘dangerous’ and move the email to the Spam or Junk folder. Please check your Spam and Junk folders for our email.

We normally send out your copy of Cascade in one email and your invoice in another. These emails are sent out at the same time. If you only receive your invoice, check your spam folder.

Please get in touch with us if you have not received your order within 2 working days.

Is the cost of Cascade a yearly licence fee or a one-time payment?

The cost for Cascade is a one-time payment with updates included for 12 months.

The renewal costs to include updates for year 2 onwards have not yet been finalised.

Does Cascade work on Windows,Mac, Numbers or Google Forms?

Cascade is developed in Excel for Windows incorporating several advanced features to bring a seamless and visual package.  Cascade works best in Windows with MS Office 2010 upwards. Many coaches use Cascade with Excel for Mac.

Due to the wide variety of content featured in Cascade, Numbers for Mac does not support all the technical functions required.
Cascade does load on Google Sheets, OfficeLive and LibreOffice, however several of the graphical elements distort and a few of the critical function are not available. We do not recommend using Cascade on these platforms.

Excel Online does not support macros so Cascade does not function properly with Excel Online.

The recommended platforms for Cascade is Excel for Windows and Excel for Mac.


Team Grid

My recently added clients to not appear on the Team page

Occasionally when adding new clients to the Theme Table page, they do not show up on the other pages. Following the flow of the information within Cascade, here are a few things to check.

  1. Click on the Reset Formatting button on the Theme Table page to ensure everything is in order for this page.
  2. Click on the Refresh Page button on the Team page to show all the clients.
  3. On the Select Name page, you should be able to find the client you need.
On the Team Grid how can I not print the Area and Group columns?

The Team Grid can be printed without the Area and Group columns on the left of the names. This may be useful if you do not need these columns or you want more space on the page for the other information.

To hide these columns from the printout, click on the Show/Hide buttons for these columns.

In addition, it is possible to resize these columns and the Name column to fit the text. Hover over the top of the column (where the column letter is shown) and drag the right border left or right.


How can I sort the names in the Team Grid by surname?

There is no column on the Team page to sort the names by surname. The main option is to sort by the full name which starts with their first name.

There is an easy workaround.

On the Theme Table page, sort the names by surname (or any other preferred order) and the Team page will match the order. You may need to click on Refresh Page to update the Team page.

Note: The first 4 columns on the Theme Table page are available for any use you desire. Some coaches use them to indicate the company, the job level (Director, Manager, Staff) or the team. Other coaches use them to note the industry sector or how they know the person. Your use will depend on how you want to sort and select your clients to list on the Team Grid.

How can I show the Team Grid in PowerPoint?

To show off your Team Grid in your presentation, there are two options.

Firstly, on the Team page set up the Team Grid with the names you require.

Choose the option that is most suitable for you.

Option 1 – Insert a Screen Shot
  1. In PowerPoint; select Insert then Screenshot.
  2. Click on Screen Clipping to choose the area of the screen (Team Grid) to insert into the current slide.
Option 2 – Save to PDF

In Cascade, save the Team Grid to a PDF then insert the PDF into PowerPoint.

  1. In Cascade, select File, Save As, choose the desired folder and file name.
  2. Select Save to File, then choose .PDF
  3. In PowerPoint, select Insert then Object (towards the right of the ribbon). Select Create from File and browse to the PDF.
On the Team Grid can I print out the Domain totals?

Some coaches like to print the Domain totals on the right of the Team Grid. These are the number of themes each person has in each of the four Domains.

To include these totals in the print out, adjust the Print Settings for the Team Grid page.

  1. From the top menu, select Page Layout then click on the small icon to open the Page Setup box.
  2. On the Sheet tab, set the Print Area to be E1:AT508
  3. Select OK and run Print Preview.

To return back to the original settings, set the Print Area to E1:AO508