Cascade Strengths Reports

Cascade Strengths Reports take the hassle out of preparing for coaching sessions and workshops. Storing your client’s CliftonStrengths® themes in one place, easily print out an array of charts and reports with that personal touch. It’s a massive time-saver, freeing you up to focus on your coaching.

Main features

  • Store the CliftonStrengths® themes for all your clients or staff in one place.
  • Easily generate custom reports for individuals and teams.
  • Quickly create personalised reports, name tents and charts for workshops.
  • Discover new opportunities for starting coaching conversations.

Over 1200 Gallup Strengths coaches across 49 countries worldwide benefit from the Cascade Strengths Reports.

Team Reports

Build your team in the Team Grid and create reports with ease for your workshops. Impress your clients with the visual charts demonstrating the dynamics of the team.

Cascade strengths team summary report top 5 themes

Visually display the distribution of themes and domains for a team.

cascade strengths team grid gallup matrix chart excel
Team Grid

The most flexible Team Grid to display CliftonStrengths themes in a table.

Cascade strengths team profiles clifton strengthsfinder themes pie chart
Team Profiles

See the Top 5 themes for each person and a representation of their Leadership Domain.

Individual Reports

Help your clients understand their themes better with personal reports containing their top themes. Print the reports individually or for a whole workshop with just a few clicks.

cascade strengths gallup theme insights discovery cards

Help your client find the words to describe their themes.

Cascade strengths contributions needs
Bring / Need

Explore the contributions and needs for your client’s top themes.

Cascade my 34 themes sequence strengthsfinder report
My 34 Themes

Visually show all your client’s 34 themes on a single page.

New Domain Colours

Gallup plan to change the Domain colours in August 2020.
We will release an update of Cascade when Gallup change their reports.
This will be free for all active Cascade licenses.

Additional Reports and Worksheets

Take the coaching conversations to a deeper level with worksheets to open new areas for your clients to explore.

Cascade strengths Power of 2 collaboration relationship
Power of 2

Develop understanding between two people. See different perspectives and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Cascade strengthsfinder theme advantage worksheet report aim application

Create personal worksheets helping your clients to take advantage of their themes in different situations.

All 34 Themes
All 34 Themes

Compare side by side all 34 themes for a group of people to increase understanding and collaboration.

Cascade Strengths Products

Cascade strengths theme reports charts table strengthsfinder excel spreadsheet staff

Cascade Professional

For coaches in organisations to manage and create reports for staff. The site licence allows other coaches in the same location to use Cascade.

Cascade strengthsfinder theme reports charts table excel spreadsheet coach client coaching

Cascade Personal

Special licence for independent coaches running their own coaching business. Manage and create reports for all your clients.

Optional Add-ons

Create PDF reports for workshops

Bonus Pack

Expand the reports to go beyond the top 5 themes. Use the Team Summary reports and benefit from the additional time-saving features when preparing for workshops.

workshop for large teams

Go Large

Increase the storage capacity of Cascade from 500 clients or staff to 2000. Need more space – please contact us.

cliftonstrengths reports francais french

French Language Pack

Create reports in the French language.

Cascade strengths espanol spanish Gallup

Spanish Language Pack

Create reports in the Spanish language.
The German language packs coming later in 2020.

Cascade is the best investment a coach can make to enhance CliftonStrengths. The advanced reporting, deeper insights, team summaries etc will make you look like a Rock Star Coach. Quick, Easy and Professional. This is a tool you will not be able to live without.

Deon Rademeyer – Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Australia

More Features – Workshop Resources

A workshop or training session needs the finishing touches to make it complete. Create name tents, labels and lanyards with ease, containing each person’s top 5 themes.

Desk Theme Name Table Tent
Table Tents

Quickly print a set of table name tents with themes for each person.

Workshop name labels lanyards strengths themes
Name Labels

Create labels and lanyards for workshop delegates containing their top 5 themes.

word cloud strengths themes cascade
Word Cloud

Drop the prepared text of themes for a team into a world cloud generator of your choice.

Useful information

  • Cascade runs in Excel 2016, 2019 and Microsoft 365 for Windows and Mac.
  • Print reports individually or a batch for a whole team/workshop.
  • Create PDFs of the reports individually or in a batch.
  • Reports are designed for A4 and Letter size paper.
  • Easily collect client theme information from the Gallup Access.
  • Cascade is a one-time fee with 12 months of support and updates. (Option to continue support after year 1 – most people continue their support).
  • See the reports in English US, English UK French and Spanish.
  • Read what others say about Cascade in the reviews
  • Need to know more, see the answers to frequent questions
  • Want to get in touch? Contact us

Official Gallup Licensed Partner

Cascade is officially licensed by Gallup Inc.
The first digital product for CliftonStrengths®

The Cascade Strengths Reports are developed by Releasing Strengths Ltd in the UK.

The Power of Cascade Strengths Reports

Cascade Strengths is a game changer for Coaches! It is an unbelievable tool that helps Clients fully understand their unique qualities and is something tangible for them to keep and study! I worked for 4 years without Cascade, and I am THRILLED to have it at my disposal! I ordered the Personal package (for self-employed coaches) and the Bonus pack.
 The extras included make all the difference in the world! My Clients have been very impressed with the items from Cascade that I have left with them! Thank you Richard for all your hard work in putting Cascade together! Cascade has made coaching so much easier AND more engaging!!

Karin Weigel – Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Minnesota, USA

Following up on Karen’s comment: 80% of people who purchase Cascade, get the Bonus Pack. Half of the remainder come back for it later.