Cascade strengths reports take the hassle out of preparing for coaching sessions and workshops. Storing your client’s StrengthsFinder® themes, easily print out an array of charts and reports with that personal touch. It’s a massive time saver, freeing you up to focus on your coaching.

Cascade strengthsfinder theme team report chart table grid excel spreadsheet

Strengths coaches from over 30 countries worldwide benefit from the Cascade Strengths Reports. The four main features are;

  • Store the CliftonStrengths themes for all your clients or staff in one place.
  • Generate custom reports for individuals and teams.
  • Save time by quickly creating personalised reports, name tents and charts.
  • Discover new opportunities for starting coaching conversations.

Cascade is a game changer!  

“Cascade has truly changed my world as a coach–this is not too strong of a statement!
From a business perspective, it has saved me countless hours of preparing reports, and instead has allowed me to focus on the data I can glean from the reports for any team or individual coaching client!
From a coaching perspective, I have received glowing reviews using Cascade as a tool to illustrate team & individual talent themes/strengths. This is without a doubt one of the best tools I have in my tool bag as a coach!”
Kathie Gautille – Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Texas, USA.

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Single Entry

Cascade follows the concept of entering information only once, then viewing it in multiple ways with no additional repetition.

  • Enter your client’s names and select their themes.
  • Alternatively, paste in the results from the export file from the Gallup Strengths Center.

Enhanced Team Grid

team grid strengthsfinder strength report theme domain cascade
Enhanced Team Grid


From a list of all your clients, use customised criteria to select the relevant people and display their themes on the Enhanced Team Grid.

  • Choose to display themes based on their Top 5, their Top 10 or their Top 10 with their bottom 5.
  • The names of people can be hidden for privacy, which is particularly useful when describing team combinations with others.
  • The spread of themes across the domains are shown by quantity, percentage and by the number of people represented.
  • Theme frequencies are displayed for the team, identifying the top 5 most common themes, those that are unique to individuals and those that are not represented.
  • The order of the themes across the top can be altered within their domain to group similar themes together, improving the visibility of patterns.
  • Select people based on a particular theme. It is possible to copy their email addresses and contact those with a certain theme, perhaps for promoting a Theme Thursday session or a blog post.

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Team Charts

  • The Spark Chart plots a dynamic view of the theme distribution for those selected on the Team Grid in a circular pattern.
  • The theme Frequency Chart provides a simple view of the theme occurrences for those selected in the Team Grid.
team strength report theme distribution strengthsfinder spark chart cascade grid
Spark Chart
team frequency chart strength report theme strengthsfinder cascade grid
Frequency Chart










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  • The Team Profile plots the colour coded themes for up to 8 people with simple pie chart representations of their Domain spread.
  • The Team Roles report assists individuals and managers to identify each person’s specific contribution towards the smooth functioning of the team.
team profile strength chart theme cascade strengthfinder grid table
Team Profiles
strengthsfinder team roles worksheet contribution cascade strengths
Team Roles









More Info

  • The Team Summary collates the information for a team on a single page which is useful for comparing teams.
  • The All 34 Report lists all the themes for individuals, side by side.
team strength summary frequency spark pie chart strengthsfinder theme
Team Summary
strengthsfinder all 34 themes compare clifton strengths excel spreadsheet cascade
All 34 Report









The Team Summary and the complete All 34 report require the Bonus Pack

Individual Reports

Select a name from your client base to display several reports customised for your client.  These include;

  • Personal Insights – personalised theme insights and theme comparisons.
  • The Domain Map plot’s a client’s themes across the Domains.
strength theme insights report strengthsfinder cascade
Personal Insights
domain strength table chart themes cascade strengthsfinder
Domain Map









More Info

  • I Bring & I Need page lists enhanced contributions a client’s Top 5 themes can bring, along with an expanded list of needs for their themes.
strength report theme bring need cascade strengthsfinder contribution table
I Bring / I Need










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Print out worksheets to help facilitate conversations with a client.

The Power of 2 worksheet helps two people discover how their sets of themes can enhance or temper each other when working together.

power of 2 two book strength themes table cascade strengthsfinder worksheet
The Power of 2








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  • Desk Name Tent – Quickly produce a Name Tent with the client’s Top 5 themes on both sides.
  • Desk Name Badge – Easily print Name slips with the client’s Top 5 themes to fix on the top of computer screens.
  • Theme Word Cloud – Create visual word clouds of the themes for those in the Team Grid. Copy the prepared text into an online word cloud utility of your choice.
  • Name Labels and Lanyards – Add your logo and colour scheme to print name badge labels or lanyards with the client’s Top 5 themes.
word cloud strengths themes cascade
Strengths Word Cloud
Desk Theme Name Tent strengths Richard Sterry cascade strengthsfinder themes paper fold
Desk Name Tent









StrengthsFinder theme print name badge lanyard labels cascade spreadsheet
Print Name Badges or Lanyards

Customise the page to print your size of label with 2 to 10 per page.

Technical Details

  • Cascade runs in Excel for Windows or Mac and requires Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher.
  • Reports are prepared for A4 paper size that adjusts for other similar sizes, in addition, save reports to a PDF file.
  • Capacity for 500 clients.  Use multiple instances of Cascade on the same computer to span more than 500 clients.
  • Copies of Cascade are uniquely registered to a single person or to a company in a single location.
  • The name of the registered person or company is shown on each report, visible to your client.

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Clifton Strengths Reports Team Grid strengthfinder spark chart matrix table Cascade frequency excel
Cascade Charts and Reports

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