Cascade Reports for CliftonStrengths

The Cascade Strengths reports take the hassle out of preparing for coaching sessions and workshops. Storing your client’s CliftonStrengths® themes in one place, easily print out an array of charts and reports with that personal touch. It’s a massive time-saver, freeing you up to focus on your coaching.

Gallup Licensed Partner
Gallup Licensed Partner

Time-saving elegant reports to elevate your coaching business

Coaching Individuals

Custom reports specially
made for each person

Coaching Teams

Visual reports exploring the dimensions of the team

Workshop Tools

Time saving materials adding the professional touch

How can Cascade help with Strengths Coaching?

Team Charts
& Reports
Individual Reports
& Worksheets
Strengths Store

What do Coaches say?

Cascade is a game changer!  
Cascade has truly changed my world as a coach!
From a business perspective, Cascade has saved me countless hours of preparing reports, allowing me to focus on the team or individual coaching.
From a coaching perspective, I have received glowing reviews using Cascade as a tool to illustrate team & individual talent themes/strengths. This is without a doubt one of the best tools I have in my tool bag as a coach!

Kathie Gautille

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Texas, US

If only I knew about this sooner!  
I cannot believe how much time this tool have saved me, I run strengths workshops every week, now I can run a whole host of reports for my clients with the data I already have. My clients love the info provided and pretty sure they too will be signing up to the tool as there is SO much you can do with it. The desk tents, Summary data and strengths insights are my favourite

Charlotte Blair


Coaching Individuals

Help your clients appreciate, discover and apply their themes with Cascade reports.

Create personal reports
Select the content
Print or create PDFs
Batch print for a group
Theme Appreciation

As a client learns about their themes, there are some which seem immediately obvious and others that are more elusive. The Brings & Needs report opens up different aspects of each theme to help your client appreciate their qualities.

Theme Discovery

Exploring the dimensions of the themes builds appreciation and increases understanding.
From Gallup’s Theme Insight and Theme Discovery Cards, this report captures all the information on one page.

Theme Application

The real benefit of the strengths-based approach is learning how to apply the themes in different situations.
The Theme Advantage worksheet comes with a range of topics to help a client use their themes to their advantage.

Not sure which report to use? See our post on Choosing the right Strengths Coaching Tools.

Coaching Teams

Cascade takes the hassle out of preparing team reports.
Simply select the people for the team then view the reports.

Multiple team combinations
Select the content
Print or create PDFs
Team Grid

The Team Grid graphically shows the distribution of themes for each team member across the four domains. The flexible Team Grid provides lots of display options.

Team Summary

The Team Summary is a comprehensive one-page overview of the team. It identifies the top 5 themes for the team, describing their overall contributions, needs and motivators.

Team Collaboration

Quickly appreciating one another’s perspective increases collaboration.
The visuals in the Team Profiles report provide an easy way to identify a person’s top 5 themes.

Not sure which report to use? See our post on Team Coaching Conversations.

Workshop Tools

Create individual items for each person.

Create individual items
Choose the design
Add your personal touch

Cascade takes the hassle out of preparing team reports. Simply select the people for the team then view the reports.

Strengths name tents
Name Tents

Easily create table tents for participants showing their to 5 or 10 themes. Add your logo for that personal touch.

strengthsfinder name labels
Name Labels

Need name badges or lanyards for your event? Create your design and include their top 5 themes.

strengthsfinder word cloud
Word Clouds

Make word clouds for individuals or teams. Cascade generates the text for your word cloud creator.

What do Coaches say?

CliftonStrengths Enhanced
Cascade is the best investment a coach can make to enhance CliftonStrengths. The advanced reporting, deeper insights, team summaries etc will make you look like a Rock Star Coach. Quick, Easy and Professional. This is a tool you will not be able to live without.

Deon Rademeyer

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Australia

Truly Amazing
I used to spend hours exporting results and manipulating them, and now I literally spend minutes getting a much better end result. This time savings has dramatically reduced my effort and cost for administration and workshop prep. And, my clients think I’m a genius when I show them the charts, especially the Spark Summary. 

TyAnn Osborn


Useful information

  • Cascade runs in Excel 2019, 2021 and Microsoft 365 for Windows and Mac.
  • Print reports individually or a batch for a whole team/workshop.
  • Create PDFs of the reports individually or in a batch.
  • Reports are designed for A4 and Letter size paper.
  • Easily collect client theme information from Gallup Access.
  • Store themes for 2000 people.
  • See the reports in English US, English UK French, Spanish and German.

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