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Will Cascade run on my Computer?

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The recommended platform for Cascade is Microsoft Excel.

Cascade runs on Microsoft Excel for Windows or Excel for Mac. It uses several advanced features within Excel to bring a seamless and visual package. Cascade works best with Microsoft 365 or Office 2019.

The recommended platforms for Cascade are;
Windows with Excel 2019 or Microsoft 365
or Mac with Excel 2019 or Microsoft 365

Earlier versions of MS Office are no longer fully supported by Microsoft.

Cascade uses a wide variety of functions within its macros to automate its processes. Hence requiring a full version of Excel. NumbersGoogle SheetsOfficeLive and LibreOffice do not support the features necessary. Several of the graphical elements distort and a few of the critical functions are not available. We do not recommend using Cascade on these platforms.

Excel Online does not support macros so Cascade does not function properly with Excel Online.

Which version of Office should I get?

When purchasing Excel, search for ‘MS Office’ and there are usually some good deals around. The two different options for MS Office are;

  • Office 2019 – A one time fee where you stay on 2019 until you choose to purchase the next version.
  • Microsoft 365 – An annual subscription where you are kept up to date with the latest version of Office.
What are coaches saying about Cascade?
United States
Spectacularly Useful  

I've only just started using these tools and I'm thrilled with how helpful it has been. Being able to sort and filter using top 5 or top 10 on the Enhanced Team Grid has streamlined my communications to targeted groups, including using the summary number of top strengths in each domain. I'm looking forward to using the other sheets as well in team sessions. Brilliant!

Sacramento, CA United States Website
Streamlining Efficiency  

Cascade Professional has completely streamlined the prepping process for 34 Strong. The ease of use has made everything incredibly more efficient, saving us the time and hassle of imputing everything by hand. The bonus pack is well worth the purchase value, and offers materials that really resonate with our clients, making it one of the best investments we've made. This program allows us to present information to our clients in a way that is incredibly clear and precise, as well as visually pleasing and perfectly tailored toward each individual and company we work with. The work that Richard has put into Cascade Professional has dramatically increased our efficiency and our ability to connect with our clients. We sincerely appreciate this, and all you've done for the Strengths community. Thank you Richard!!

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