Will Cascade run on my Computer?

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Cascade runs on Microsoft Excel for Windows or Excel for Mac. The version of Excel needs to be 2010 or greater.

The recommended platforms for Cascade are;

  • Windows with Excel 2019, 2016, 2013 or 2010
  • Mac with Excel 2019 or 2016

If you don’t have Excel, search for ‘MS Office’ and there are usually some good deals around.

Cascade uses a wide variety of functions within its macros to automate its processes. Hence requiring a full version of Excel. Numbers, Google Sheets, OfficeLive and LibreOffice do not support the features necessary. Several of the graphical elements distort and a few of the critical functions are not available. We do not recommend using Cascade on these platforms.

Excel Online does not support macros so Cascade does not function properly with Excel Online.

What are coaches saying about Cascade?
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Richard Sterry deserves at least a Knighthood for his services to the Strengths Community - not only is Cascade amazingly efficient, visually striking and insightful for coaches and clients alike, he has the all time best customer service ever. If you are thinking of delivering a team workshop with more than 5 people, get Cascade! If you work with individuals 1:1, get Cascade! If you hate excel, get Cascade! If you LOVE Excel, GET Cascade. For those of you who haven't upgraded recently - get on board, the new functionality is even more user-friendly and allows for more customization for clients with all 34 themes. Cheers!

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Perfect for academic environment and individual coaching  

I work with college students, student groups, and professional staff members (teams) who all have benefited dramatically from Releasing Strengths [Cascade]. As a coach, it has helped my clients better organize their results and enhances the ability to process their newfound learnings.

NYUAD, Saadiyat Island