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Will Cascade run on my Computer?

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The recommended platform for Cascade is Microsoft Excel.

Cascade runs on Microsoft Excel for Windows or Excel for Mac. It uses several advanced features within Excel to bring a seamless and visual package. Cascade works best with Microsoft 365 or Office 2019.

The recommended platforms for Cascade are;
Windows with Excel 2019 or Microsoft 365
or Mac with Excel 2019 or Microsoft 365

Earlier versions of MS Office are no longer fully supported by Microsoft.

Cascade uses a wide variety of functions within its macros to automate its processes. Hence requiring a full version of Excel. NumbersGoogle SheetsOfficeLive and LibreOffice do not support the features necessary. Several of the graphical elements distort and a few of the critical functions are not available. We do not recommend using Cascade on these platforms.

Excel Online does not support macros so Cascade does not function properly with Excel Online.

Which version of Office should I get?

When purchasing Excel, search for ‘MS Office’ and there are usually some good deals around. The two different options for MS Office are;

  • Office 2019 – A one time fee where you stay on 2019 until you choose to purchase the next version.
  • Microsoft 365 – An annual subscription where you are kept up to date with the latest version of Office.
What are coaches saying about Cascade?
Even a technically challenged software user like me can use this effectively!  

I'm not a very technologically proficient user of computer software programs. I find it scary to delve into the unknown with confidence that I'm going to be successful in making it work.

I've found Cascade to be slick, user friendly, and intuitive. It's not as daunting to use as I was imagining that it might be.

The fact that this system puts helpful coaching tools together with just a few simple inputs and delivers some very professional looking work products, makes me look like I really know what I'm doing.

Love it!

United States of America
Cascade is a real team asset  

I work with community groups and leadership classes all around our state, and Cascade has truly elevated my Strengths workshops. The reports that Cascade generates are so well received by participants in my sessions. The reports and materials are easy to read, comprehend and digest quickly, and they provide information that goes beyond the standard report. A truly fantastic product!

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