Why are new clients not appearing in the reports?

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A common question occurs when adding a new person. Their themes are in the Theme Table but their name does not appear in the drop-down lists for the reports.

Firstly, try scrolling up in case the names are hiding just above the top of the list.

Cascade issue 7 QuestionsThe Team page defines the list of people for the reports. Use the Team Grid to select the organisation or team, then all the other reports will represent those people. The drop-down lists for the individual reports refer to the names on the Team Grid.

After adding a new person to the Theme Table, make sure you can see them in the Team Grid. They will then appear in the drop-down lists for the other reports.

When leaving the Team page, there is a process to regenerate the list of names for the reports. It is therefore important to view the Team page after adding people to the Theme Table.

See Getting Started for more information.

Also, check that Macros are Enabled.