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Which licence do I need?

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We like to keep things simple so there are just two licensing options for coaches using Cascade.

Coaches working in an organisation need Cascade Professional. The licence allows all coaches in a specified location (same town or city) working for the organisation to use Cascade.

Coaches working for themselves with their own business can use Cascade Personal.  This is a special licence for one self-employed coach to use Cascade.

Occasionally, some people purchase the Cascade Personal Licence, then realise they need the Professional one. We have a simple upgrade path to upgrade the Cascade licence.

When using Cascade, the clients or staff stored within it can be from any organisation or location. The licence depends on the coach, not the spread or number of clients.

What are coaches saying about Cascade?
West Sacramento Website
Amazing tool!  

I've been using Cascade for a while now, and I love using it. I am so happy that Richard and his team were able to work with Gallup to have it licensed.

The ease of use of this software is fantastic, and extremely time-saving, particularly with the table tents, name badges, and Personal Insights.

Cascade is the BEST Strengths Finder tool!  

We started to use Cascade only this year and it saved so much time already! Cascade is the best and easiest tool for StrengthsFinder that helps to organize data, review each employee's strengths and also help tremendously while working with each employee on their strengths. It helps to proving unique, meaningful, and visual experience and help our employees to grow personally and professionally using their strengths.

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