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Welcome to Cascade strengths reports. Here you will find information to guide you through the steps in Cascade. Starting with entering your client’s themes, through to printing personal reports for a coaching session.

The video below provides a quick your of Cascade and how to create your reports. It covers importing themes from Gallup Access, selecting teams and setting up the path for making PDF files. It also shows where to get help and fine more information.

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Introducing the Cascade Menu

The Menu is the central point for Cascade and is a good place to start. There are three sections which guide you from left to right, stepping through the stages of Cascade.

Cascade strengths Home page start menu
  1. Enter Themes on the left is where you insert the information for all your clients.
  2. The Build Team Reports section is all about reports for teams or for more than one person.
  3. The Create Individual Reports space on the right is where you access and tailor the personal reports for your clients.

Across the top of the Menu are tabs for the Settings and Module options. Your licence information is on the right with Cascade’s version number.

Cascade Menu

The Menu button at the top left of each report page will get you back to the Menu screen.

1 Enter your Clients into Cascade with the Theme Table

The Theme Table is where you store all your client’s themes. We recommend that where possible you put all your clients in one copy of Cascade. This makes locating them much easier.

There are three ways to get your client’s themes into Cascade depending on where the information resides.

  1. Download Cascade from Gallup Access for a specific team. This automatically populates a new copy of Cascade with the themes for the people on a team.
    In Access, head to the CliftonStrengths > Teams section. View your chosen team, and then click on the button to Download Cascade.
  2. Export the theme information from Gallup Access, then Import into Cascade. This enables you to add the themes for people who may or may not be in a team. Use this to add people to a copy of Cascade and it will give you the option to skip those already imported.
  3. Enter the Themes Manually. This is an option for a few people where you select the themes from the drop-down lists. Note: The spelling of the theme names must be exact with no additional spaces and the hyphen in theme Self-Assurance.
start Guide to Cascade's Theme Table selection criteria company location team

The client’s name and themes go in the green section on the right. The pink section in the middle is calculated automatically, providing the number of themes for each person. The blue section on the left is for the client Categories.

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Create Client Categories

In the Theme Table there are four columns (A-D) in the blue section on the left for Categories. You can change the headings to in row 10 suit your needs and enter information for each client. Depending on your client base, you may choose to use Company, Location, Department, Team, Cohort, Family or Workshop Session. These headings will help you select your clients in the Team Grid.

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2 Building Your Team in the Team Grid

The Team Grid is an important page to select the people for your team reports. Use the categories from the Theme Table to select the relevant people. Right click on the heading then tick or untick the groups you want to include or exclude.

Strengths Team Grid table chart Cascade

You can choose at the top, the number of themes to display and the rows and columns you want to show or hide.

All the Team reports refer to the people in the Team Grid. When you add a person in the Theme Table, check you can see them in the Team Grid so they appear in the Team reports. The Individual reports work on a similar basis where the drop-down list of names is built from those in the Team Grid.

If you need to reset the page or spot any errors, the Refresh Page button will recreate the page and restore order. You won’t lose any theme information.

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Team Reports

From the Menu you can view the Team reports. The Summary, Frequency and Spark Chart graphs represent the number of themes chosen in the Team Grid. Either top 5, top 10 or top 15 themes.

Cascade Team Report Heading on Menu

In the Menu there is a box to type in a Team Heading. This appears at the top of each of the Team reports. The numbers below the box show how many themes will be represented in the reports and the number of people in the selection for the team or workshop.

There are reports for more than one person, The Power of 2, Team Profiles, Team Roles, All 34 and Labels.

3 Individual Reports

Guide to Cascade's select name for individual reports

Select a name in the Menu and the Individual reports will adjust for the chosen person. The drop-down list of names are the people visible in the Team Grid.

The buttons for the reports let you see what the report looks like and you can change some settings. As a reminder, the settings for each report are shown to the right of the Menu.

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Cascade print icon start

There are print buttons on the Menu and each of the reports to quickly print a page.
On Windows computers, Print Preview option in the Menu lets you see the page before printing, otherwise it will go directly to the printer.
Those using a Mac may need to press Command + P to print the page.

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Creating PDF Files

Cascade PDF icon start

Similar to printing, you can create a PDF of the reports. Visit the Settings section from the Menu to insert the folder path location for saving the PDF files. Once the test of the path is OK, you are ready to create PDF files.
Click on the PDF button to generate the PDF file.

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Further Help and Support

Fo more help contact Gallup Customer Support on

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Support for Cascade is available from Gallup Customer Services at or via Chat in Access.

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