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Here are some steps to quickly get up and running with Cascade.

Navigate between the pages with the tabs at the bottom of the screen. You may need to scroll the tab bar left or right if a tab is not visible on the screen.Cascade Excel spreadsheet tabs sheets

1 Enter your client information

Cascade strengthsfinder themes data entry excel copy paste Gallup Strengths CenterClick on the Theme Table tab. This is where you can enter the theme information for all your clients.

2 Select the people for your reports

team grid strengthsfinder strength theme domain cascadeClick on the Team tab to see the Team Grid. Use the selection menu next to each of the headings for columns A – F to choose the groups of people to include.

3 Browse the team reports

View the next few tabs to see reports for the team or more than one person. The team reports refer to the people visible in the Team Grid.

4 See the individual reports

Excel drop down list cascadeClick on the Select Name tab, which is like a small dashboard. In the yellow box near the top, choose a name from the drop-down list. All the reports in the tabs to the right will show the themes for the chosen person.

5 Print the reports

Print the reports by clicking on File then Print in the top menu. See the support pages for different ways to print and save reports to a PDF.