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Welcome to the Cascade Strengths Reports. Start creating reports quickly with these four main steps.

When opening Cascade, click on Enable Macros.
See How do I Enable Macros?

Use the Menu to navigate around Cascade.

Cascade strengths home menu start


1. Enter Theme Information

Start with the Theme Table, it is the central store for all your clients and staff. The Theme Table page describes how to enter the theme information.

Cascade Theme Table selection criteria company location team start point


2. Select the People in the Team Grid.

The Team Grid is the place to select the people for the team or workshop. Use the team selection options to choose the right people.

After adding people to the Theme Table, you may need to expand the Team Grid by clicking on the Refresh Page button.

Cascade strengthsfinder team grid spreadsheet tool Gallup theme chart

In the Team Grid, select the number of themes to display (top 5, top 10) and adjust the page layout with the Show/Hide options.

Cascade print PDF button

Print the page or click on the PDF button.


3. Team Reports

From the Menu, select the Team Summary, Spark Chart or Frequency report.

The Team Summary has the option to show or hide the names of the people in the team. It also needs the Bonus Pack.

Cascade print PDF button

Use the buttons to print the reports or create a PDF.

The number of themes represented in the team reports is set in the Team Grid. Top 5, Top 10 or top 15 themes.
To provide a heading for the team reports, enter it in the space in the Menu.

Cascade Team Report Heading on Menu


4. Individual Reports

There are several reports serving different roles. Here are the most popular.

Personal Insights: A powerful set of words and phrases for each of the person’s top themes.

Bring – Need: The contributions each theme brings along with the need required for it to thrive.

My 34 Themes: A one page visual overview of a person’s 34 themes.

  1. Select the people in the Team Grid to generate the drop-down lists of names.
  2. Set up the individual reports for the number of themes and any other options.
  3. In the Menu, choose the person for the reports.
  4. From the Menu, click on the Print or PDF buttons next to your desired report.
Cascade print PDF button

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