What Payment Methods do you accept?

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As a worldwide supplier, we offer a number of payment options and currencies.

The prices are available in £GBP $USD and €EUR and vary according to the current exchange rate with the £GBP. If the $US Dollar or the Euro is not your local currency, it helps us a lot if you pay in GB Pounds.

PayPal manage our payment transactions which is ideal if you have a PayPal account. Those without a PayPal account can pay by credit card when visiting the PayPal site from the Checkout. There is no need to create a PayPal account and the credit card feature is available in most, but not all, countries.

Alternatively, you can Wire Transfer (BACS) to our US or our UK bank account. Contact us for the bank details is this is of interest.


What are coaches saying about Cascade?
This is AMAZING!  

My coaching friend just told me about Cascade and I couldn’t order it fast enough. This tool will save me hours of time and allow me to provide my clients with a better, more professional looking tool that will help them to continue to develop their strengths! Thank you, thank you, thank you for developing this and for sharing it at such an affordable cost! It is AMAZING!!!!!

United states      
Streamlining Efficiency  

Cascade Professional has completely streamlined the prepping process for 34 Strong. The ease of use has made everything incredibly more efficient, saving us the time and hassle of imputing everything by hand. The bonus pack is well worth the purchase value, and offers materials that really resonate with our clients, making it one of the best investments we've made. This program allows us to present information to our clients in a way that is incredibly clear and precise, as well as visually pleasing and perfectly tailored toward each individual and company we work with. The work that Richard has put into Cascade Professional has dramatically increased our efficiency and our ability to connect with our clients. We sincerely appreciate this, and all you've done for the Strengths community. Thank you Richard!!

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