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What Payment Methods do you accept?

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As a worldwide supplier, we offer a number of payment options and currencies.

The prices are available in £GBP $USD and €EUR and vary according to the current exchange rate with the £GBP. If the $US Dollar or the Euro is not your local currency, it helps us a lot if you pay in GB Pounds.

The easiest way to pay is with a credit card. It is also possible to use a PayPal account at the Checkout. 

Very occasionally, a credit card payment may fail for a corporate card which is not activated for international payments. As we are based in the UK, this is an international transaction from the US. Try the card and if it fails, contact your finance team.

Alternatively, you can Wire Transfer (BACS) to our US, EU  or our UK bank accounts. Contact us for the bank details is this is of interest.


What are coaches saying about Cascade?
Just get it!  

If you have not invested in Cascade yet, do it now. It´s just a very helpful tool. Insightful, simple ,and above all , its a huge timesaver. Adding to that Richard Sterry is the one the most helpful guys I have ever come across. This is such a great tool to have.

Helping coaches focus on coaching!  

Releasing Strengths, the Cascade Reports and Richard Sterry are brilliant! The depth of information provided by having client data compiled in such complete and varied options allows me to focus on actual “coaching”. Don’t wait another day before becoming part of the Cascade family! Thank you, Richard!

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