What languages does Cascade support?

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Cascade is available in two languages, English (American) and English (UK). This may sound picky, but there are lots of people all over the world who have a strong preference for one or the other.

As the Cascade is a product from the United Kingdom, all the instructions are in English (UK).

The Gallup material is in English (American) and we have special permission to also share the English (UK) version.  Theme Names remain in English (American) with the report contents switching between the English (American) and English (UK).

It is very easy in the Setting section from the Menu to switch between the languages.

We are currently working with Gallup to include the French and Spanish languages in the reports.

What are coaches saying about Cascade?
A strengths coach's tool  

I am vastly enthusiastic about Cascade. It is a strengths coach's tool, a virtual assistant that helps to distil information, saving time and basic analysis. The new Insert Names feature is excellent and is really helpful, as it allows me to pull all the relevant team information together without manual manipulation. The enhanced Select Names tab with quick links to reports and printing is also a convenient time saver.

I really like the Team Summary, which brings together all the information I would normally use to have an initial discussion with a team about their strengths in a single visual.

Can't wait to receive the next enhancements!

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Significantly Enhances the Value for our Clients!  

At Churchill we working with corporate clients helping them become a Strengths-based organization as well as building leadership and team effectiveness capability (skill). The addition of the Cascade tool has helped us accelerate our collaborative engagement with clients - together we are able to look at talent and talent combinations that exist in a much more productive way to practical apply them even better for growth and performance!

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