What languages does Cascade support?

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Cascade is available in two languages, English (American) and English (UK). This may sound picky, but there are lots of people all over the world who have a strong preference for one or the other.

As the Cascade is a product from the United Kingdom, all the instructions are in English (UK).

The Gallup material is in English (American) and we have special permission to also share the English (UK) version.  Theme Names remain in English (American) with the report contents switching between the English (American) and English (UK).

It is very easy in the Setting section from the Menu to switch between the languages.

We are currently working with Gallup to include the French and Spanish languages in the reports.

What are coaches saying about Cascade?
Brilliant - Excellent - Saver of Time (BEST!)  

I used Cascade with a client recently and she gave me - so really YOU - a very enthusiastic complement! She said that seeing her team's information in this format absolutely made her day! She could easily see at a glance what she needed to know.

I want to give you a very big Thank You from me because this tool reflected well on me and my coaching business. I used to gather all of this information myself from separate resources to share with each of my clients and it was sooooooooooo time consuming. Cascade has taken all the hard work out of it for me and saves me hours of time for each client and team. Cascade is the BEST! Every strengths coach needs this. Thanks again for creating this fantastic, time-saving tool!

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Cascade helps me work smarter not harder  

I bought Cascade a few weeks ago, and WOW has it made a substantial difference in the way I prepare for individual and team coaching sessions and workshops. Entering the top 5 once and then creating various reports and documents, is such a time saver. Before Cascade, preparing for any coaching session would be labor intensive. I love how each report provides wonderful colors and great visuals. As a coach, Cascade has taken our prep work to the next level. Thank you Releasing Strengths!

USA - Chicago, Illinois