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What languages does Cascade support?

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The Cascade reports are available in different languages.

The main languages are English (American) and English (UK). This may sound picky, but there are lots of people all over the world who have a strong preference for one or the other.

Additionally, the Cascade reports are available in these languages with the extra modules.

It is very easy in the Setting section from the Menu to switch between the languages. See How to change the language.

Releasing Strengths has special permission under our Licence Agreement with Gallup to use these languages in the Cascade Strengths reports.

What are coaches saying about Cascade?
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Worth Every Penny  

I love your product! It is worth every penny invested! Your materials really help explain CSF to my clients and teams in a simple, yet powerful way that augments the traditional Gallup material. Also, the ability to create individual and team reports, as well as tent cards and activities, quickly and easily is a godsend for conducting large and small sessions. Thank you for this excellent, user friendly product!

Super Support Tool  

I’m so appreciative of your work and efforts to provide coaches with such a valuable tool-set to help us all individually and collectively better understand and develop our natural talents into strengths.

You’ve taken so much of the leg work out of preparing the various tool options in Cascade for us that support this, and the fact that you are continually upgrading, adding new features, and staying in pace with Gallup changes (e.g. Domain color changes, etc.) is truly a welcomed service.

On behalf of my fellow coaches, I’m grateful to you for your excellent work.

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