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Use and distribution of reports

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You are welcome to distribute the reports from Cascade to your clients or staff, that is the main intention.

The Cascade reports are copyright material and there are a few things that you cannot do.

  • You cannot openly sell the reports outside of a coaching package.
  • Sharing a PDF of a Cascade report on social media or outside of your coaching work, is not permitted.
  • The Cascade license does not allow you to share the whole Cascade file with others.
  • Those with the Cascade Personal license are allowed to share the Cascade file with a Virtual Assistant or Administrator, purely for administration purposes. The assistants are not permitted to use the Cascade Personal license for their own coaching practice.
  • Those with the Cascade Professional licence are allowed to share the Cascade file with other coaches working for the same company in the same location (same town/city).

To comply with licensing and copyright, the report footer and registration details must remain intact on the reports. The content includes Gallup’s IP and we need to respect their material.

For a more detailed list, see the full Terms & Conditions.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

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