How can I transfer my data to a new version of Cascade?

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When you receive an update to Cascade, here are some simple steps to help you transfer your client data to the new version.


For simplicity, all your data for Cascade is stored in the Theme Table page. It is essentially a matter of copying and pasting your data from the Theme Table page in your previous version of Cascade to your new version.

Step by Step Guide
    1. Save your new version of Cascade to the relevant folder making sure that its name is slightly different.
    2. Open both copies of Cascade and select the Theme Table pages.
    3. In the old version of Cascade highlight all the cells from A8 to column AT going down to the bottom of your data, then press Ctrl+C  for Windows or Command+C for Mac to Copy the contents.
      Note: Make sure you select the cells to highlight and not the rows. It is tempting to highlight the rows by sliding the cursor down the left-hand column, but you need to highlight the cells so they are in a format suitable to paste into the new table.
    4. Move to the new version of Cascade and select cell A8, then press Ctrl+V for Windows or Command+V for Mac to Paste the contents into the page.
    5. To clean up the page, click on the Reset Formatting button which will rectify any formatting issues.reset cell format excel update cascade sort strengthsfinder themes
    6. As a final step, in the Team page click on the Refresh Page button in the top left-hand corner. This realigns the Team Grid to the client data in the Theme Table page.

You are now good to go and explore the new features of Cascade. The Change Log lists the new features for each version of Cascade.

Remember to include the Cascade file in your backup routine as part of your housekeeping processes.