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How can I transfer themes to a new version of Cascade?

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When you receive an update to Cascade, here are the steps to help you transfer themes for your clients or staff to the new version.

You can also use this process to import themes from any of the Gallup export files.


For simplicity, all your data in Cascade is stored in the Theme Table page. It is essentially a matter of importing the names and themes from the Theme Table in your previous version of Cascade to your new version.

You no longer need to copy and paste the information across.

Steps to Transfer Themes

1. From the link in your email, download the new Cascade file saving it to your computer. Make sure that the file name is slightly different from the previous version.

2. Open the new version of Cascade and select the Theme Table.

transfer themes to cascade

3. Click on the Import Themes button and browse to your previous version of Cascade. You can also select a Gallup export file to Import. See Entering Themes.

4. Follow the prompts to import the people into the new version of Cascade.

As it imports the people into the Cascade, you can see a counter in the bottom left corner. It will identify duplicate names, asking if you wish to skip them.

At the end of the import, it runs the Reset Formatting process to tidy up the page. It is a good idea to run the Refresh Page process in the Team Grid. Otherwise, the Team Grid, it may not show all the people in the Theme Table.

You are now good to go and explore the new features of Cascade. The ChangeLog lists the new features for each version of Cascade.

Remember to include the new Cascade file in your backup routine as part of your housekeeping processes.

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