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What are the Theme Totals?

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The Team Grid shows the total number of occurrences for each theme.

strengths theme totals team grid cascade
  • Green numbers identify the top 5 themes for the team.
  • Blue shows unique themes with a count of 1.
  • Grey identifies the themes which are not present for the team
Cascade strengths team grid show hide settings

The theme totals bar does not show any values when the bottom 5 themes are visible.

To hide or show the theme totals, click on Row 8 (Totals) button.

Calculation Method

The top 5 themes are highlighted for the team in green. Where there is a draw with the same number of themes, Cascade looks at the positioning of the themes for the individuals. A theme at #1 for a person will score higher than a theme at #5. In the example here, there are four themes occurring 9 times.

Coaching Conversation

When discussing the overall strengths of a team, this is a handy guide to direct conversations.

  • How does the team see the top 5 themes coming into play amongst the team?
  • How can the people who have unique themes (the ones with a blue total) best contribute to the running of the team?
  • Where there is no representation of a theme (the grey 0 totals), how could this affect the team?

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