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Not enough rows in the Team Grid

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Are you running out of space on the Team Grid to show all the people?
Have you added people to the Theme Table which are not appearing in the Team Grid?

Cascade Team Grid Refresh Page

The Team Grid grows as you add people to Cascade.

To expand the Team Grid to cater for the current number of people in the Theme Table, click on the Refresh Page button.

Tip: Using the menu buttons to navigate between the pages in Cascade will prompt you if you need to refresh the Team Grid page.

Spare Capacity

In the Team Grid, you may notice only a few blank rows at the bottom which get used up as you add people to the Theme Table. Refreshing the Team Grid (Refresh Page button) will expand the grid and a new set of blank rows will appear at the bottom. When leaving the Theme Table, there is a check to prompt you if the Team Grid needs refreshing.

The Settings part of the Home page is where you can set the number of blank rows in the Spare Capacity. The default number is 5 blank rows.

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